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Here are a few more postcards that I made with holiday wrapping along with some of my iphoneography. It has been so nice to have time to create. If you want to see more, they are all posted on my flickr photostream. Hopefully 2013 will be full of new creating for you and for me!

peace, mm

starting to make s..t again

Back from the world of the three responsibilities. I have this weekend to continue to create. Plus evenings until the 2nd when I switch gears and prepare for more my class of ESL students.

I love this time of year because I love scavenging for glittery paper. A simple request amongst all of the _________ (fill in the blank with your own conclusion).

As usual, I pick up the shiny stuff and repurpose. Here is a small mosaic of some. More on the way…





I bought an iphone last week. I had gotten to the point where my dinosaur of a phone often did not have a signal and where it was taking me forever to tap out a simple text. Plus, I wanted to play with photo apps. As you will see below, I have been having a lot of fun experimenting with them.

Here’s my messy art desk transformed by the tiny planet and pixlromatic apps:

I used pixlromatic and duomatic apps for these:

These photos are bittersweet for me. I ended up cleaning my art desk up today, putting my sewing machine underneath the desk, putting my collage items back in drawers, and my paints away on a shelf as I prep for getting the credentials to teach ESL and for teaching Composition 101. The materials would be too much of a distraction if left out.

So, I will be slowing down on mail art at least while school is in session. I made a pile of pieces that I will send out slowly until December. I am going to try to concentrate on my classes, teaching, and a bit of iphoneography. It is hard but necessary because when I collage that is all that I do.



I had fun with this batch. I made a few more backgrounds that are not finished and will fiddle with additional embroidery pieces that I bought at the thrift store. I like the use of eyes with glasses too. Model eyes aren’t the only beautiful eyes! I love the power of eyes especially when used to stare folks (and cats) down.

I’ve always had a thing for eyes, but the recent rip in my hippie skirt has inspired me to explore them more.

Why is it that I have such a thing for them? I love the shape and colors of the round evil eye protectors. As a child, I was fascinated with the idea that we needed protection from eyes. Later, as an adult, I had an experience where the groom of my best friend would not look me in the eye the day of their wedding. It was a bad sign.

Eyes are entrances into the heart. You can tell a lot by looking straight into them.

exploits in composition

I am nearly always behind in my postings. What I worked on tonight has nothing to do with this post. What I am currently working on is drying, needing stitchery, etc…

This batch are some of my first art journal entries. I am so so about journaling. It is scary and tiring pushing your inner critic aside. I was thinking that if I could keep the process up, journals would be a great place to experiment. And since I am me, I must commit myself to exercises that will supposedly help me understand the craft.

I chose Juliana Coles’ “Extreme Journalism” as my introduction, in part because sparkleface references her and I have a huge flickr favorite crush on sparkleface.

I feel that it is important that I share my blach creations along with my favorites. Hopefully, it will help others tell their inner critic to leave them be. I know that my failures help me with the next step in my creative process and there are moments when I see my shit pieces influence future amazingness. That’s how it goes.


My mother gave me this hippie skirt a few years back. I love it and generally wear it all summer when in creative mode. As you can see it has developed a bit of a rip. Not sure what I am going to do yet. Tear it up for collage making or play with the fissure and create a patch underneath. We shall see. For the time being, E took a picture of my eye looking through it.

I love eye symbols. The following is of a tree in Leavenworth, WA that has evil eye protectors hanging from it. I need to do this.