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I found some wonderful mail in my PO Box on Friday.

A finger painting from ACD!

A powerful reaction to the BP spill from my friend lk.

From fellow IUOMA member, Penelope Samuel.

And, Bifidus Jones!

Many thanks. Receiving mail art is such a great feeling.

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Not all of the postcards that I received from friends during last month’s  “Postcard Exchange” with friends were handmade. Here are some of the other postcards that I received:

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I took my girlfriend to see my new post office box today. I didn’t expect there to be anything in it. I was happily surprised to see that there were two pieces of mail art inside. These were my first from members of the International Union of Mail-Artists. I was so excited. Two handmade treasures. I must share.

Cindy Wills sent me this:

I also received an envelope full of treats from Super Aska:

I have no idea how I am going to use the stickers yet. I will most likely put some on whatever I send Aska back :)

There is something so special about receiving handmade treasures in the mail.

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Here are some of the wonderful handmade postcards that I received from my friends during my April postcard exchange. I love the variety of themes. Some are political while others are made by my friends’ next generation. It was so much fun reconnecting through postcards with the many friends that have been in my life. I still need to share a batch of great prefab postcards that I may partially recycle into new postcards at some point as well as other postcards and mailart that are trickling in.

Because TP is so amazing and is a true example of an artist giving to her community, I will plug her artwork.

This one above is from my MJ. It said “The Art of ACTIVISM!” Obviously part fell off in the mail exchange process. 

I am so happy that I have handmade somethings from all of these amazing people that have passed through my life.

May the creative journey continue….

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I am feeling a tad self-conscious. I have been totally out there with my new found love of postcards and mail art and sent a few postcards out to members of the International Union of Mail-Artists. The Union is made up of people from all over the world and I have had the opportunity to use a bit of my Spanish and French in the process. Some members are new to mail art but others have been doing it for years. Some of their work is totally amazing. You can tell that they have really developed their craft as opposed to me who is doing this as a fun form of mind cleaning before I start my Ph.D. in August. Can you hear the negative thoughts? I am trying to keep them at a minimum, but they do appear upon occasion. Obviously, they weren’t activated when I sent my portrait off to Mail-Artist Selfportraits. Or when I sent a few postcards out to seasoned mail-artists.

This one that I sent to Cindy Wills appeared on the International Union of Mail Artist main page.

Then, I found this one that I sent on Mailarta’s blog.

I need to follow my own advice to have fun and not be worried whether or not my work is amazing. It’s the perfectionist in me. What is perfection anyway?

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I really thought that I was going to stay away from posting tonight or if I couldn’t resist, post more of my friends most magnificent mail art. Instead, I wandered over to tiny red and discovered DIY collage kits by Anthony Zinonos.

What an awesome idea. I would like to do this as an exchange with friends and mail art afficionados. One of my friends went to Buenos Aires last year and sent me receipts, an Eva Peron museum booklet and a map with the Borges museum marked on it (she also sent me a book by Alejandra Pizarnik) what a special treat! I used the treasures in some of the houses that I shared in an earlier post.

I think that I am going to do my first postal call. If you send me some treasures, I will send you some back!


mad madge

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I was reprimanded by a good friend of mine for reminding my friends on my Facebook status update that I haven’t received all of the postcards that were promised. She said that I was obsessed. She’s right. I am. But I still want mail. Many of my friends tell me that they are thinking about what they are going to send me. While that is a very sweet gesture, that is exactly what they shouldn’t be doing. They should just make it.

Today, I thought that I would share some of the postcards that I received that exhibit this “I am just going to sit down and make it” attitude. None of these people are visual artists. In fact, I would say that most are much more comfortable expressing themselves verbally or through music and just look what they were able to create!


Beware of taking life and postcardmaking too seriously. HAVE FUN!!!

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