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I still have a great deal of amazing mail art that I have received to document and share. It’s not happening tonight. In the mean time, check out my finger.

I cut it with an exacto blade while working on a swap-bot swap. I sliced my finger nail and I ended up in the emergency room. No stitches though. My friends say that the bandage looks like a condom. I added the knot. I gives me added protection (from hitting it the wrong way.)

Despite it all, I still managed to hang out with a friend and make postcards today.

Tomorrow is the first of August and I told myself that I needed to switch gears, slow down with my postcard making and begin getting ready for school and my assistantship. I still will post though :)

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You have navigated with raging soul far from paternal home, passing beyond the seas’ double rocks and now inhabit a foreign land.

-Medea from “The Passion” by Jeanette Winterson

I read “The Passion” be Jeanette Winterson this weekend while visiting dear friends on the other side of the Cascades. It is a wonderfully written book that I highly recommend. The trip, the creation of a zine for a swap-bot swap, writing a few letters to try and help a classmate get a visa, and my reading break have led to my being lax on posting. And, I will still be behind after this post. I give up. My life and creating is moving faster than my ability to keep up with this blog.

One day that seems like many many weeks ago, I spent a creative day with a friend. I brought my ziplock bags of receycled paper organized by color, a glue stick, a pair of scissors, and some index cards. The hours between 10:00 am when I arrived and 4:00 pm when I left sped by. We barely talked except to ask each other our opinion on a choice of color or form. It was one of my favorite days all summer. My only goal for the day was to use up some of the materials that weren’t getting used and to push myself to discover new ways for form, color, and design to interact.

I made a total of 6 postcards that day, two of which I have already posted. These below went to Samantha Bragg, Mim Golub Scalin, Julian Grant, and Amy Dietz.




Dawn, the friend I created with, made me a postcard that day as well. It arrived in a special envelope from the post office because some of the pieces were coming off. Many thanks to the United States Postal Service for the care they took with this postcard.

Without my seeing it, Dawn also attached a little envelope to the back of the postcard with this little note inside.


It was a very wonderful day, indeed.

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I’ve been in collage mode again. Go figure. I wanted to share some of my new experiments.

But before I do, this postcard to Stefano Fossiant Sini of Italy slipped by me in the photographs post. It’s one of my favorites and so I have to share.

As the title of this post suggests, I will start with the POPcorn series. It is merely coincidental that they were created around July 4th.

To Kris Naylor of Arizona:

 To Helen Aymes of Australia:

 To Caroll Woods of California:

 To Marina Papastamou of Greece:

 To Xtina Solano of California:

 And, this one went to the mad stamper. He he he.

This led to more straightish lines without popcorn. The first is a cut up photo of mine that went to Karen Champlin of Illinois.

To Jennifer Crispin of Michigan:

And I entered this into the DoDoDaDaDaDo mail art call. It gave me an idea for the zine that I am making for the swap-bot zine swap that I am in.

Eventually, the lines turned into squiggles. I am really trying to loosen myself up and get out of such linear work. I’m slowly getting there!

I sent this one to My Real Wall in England:

To DB in Washington State:

To Patty Davidson in Virginia:

To Marnie Barrett in Alabama:

Eni Bar in Germany:

DT in Washington State:

Cindi Scmid in Germany:

And calluna in California:

So, what do you think? Have I been productive these past two weeks after all? More to share from an awesome postcardmaking day that I had with DT. I’ll have to share those later though because this post is looooong!

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It has been just about two weeks since I started my blissful vacation. At first, I was super productive and then I was much more lax. There are a couple of days where I can’t even tell you what I did. I need to find a balance with daily lists that are not so elaborate that I can still find room to change direction if I want to.

My postcard making has had a similar ebb and flow. I have made some that I have really liked and others that are just so so. During all of this, my mailbox has received a steady stream.

I received this small wonderfulness from Mariska van den Heuvel of Holland.

From Petala Eytithia of Greece:

Atte Ourie of Finland sent me two postcards. My understanding is that the numbers on the back are arbitrarily determined. I have no idea what they mean and that very well may be the point. Why is it that we need to assign a verbal  meaning to everything, including form and color?

Austin James of Texas sent me the one below. He includes lyrics on the back from songs that he is listening to while creating.

“The Mountains Win Again.” – John Popper, Blues Traveler

Molly Kiely of Arizona sent me this beauty from an old postcard. I love how part is peeling off.

Samuel Montalvetti of Argentina sent me an envelope full of rubber stamped items. Here are a few.

Kris Naylor of Arizona sent me another fun construction. The only problem with her work is that I always want to take it apart so that I can figure out how she made it. I’m holding back.

I also received two pieces of mail from the Good Mail Day Swap. Amy Dietz of California sent me this collage with a handcarved (by her) clown stamp. This was a happy surprise since I hadn’t sent her anything.

Jane B sent me an Edward Gorey thank you for the postcard that I sent her. Funny coincidence. I went to explore Spokane’s first zine library yesterday and discovered one of her zines on the shelf!


Gracias – Merci – Shukran – Thank You

See you in the mail!

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Sometimes I am simply amazed by mail art. Receiving bursts of creativity and physical expressions of connection with people from all over the world is a magical experience.  My mailbox has had mail in it almost every day this week. I will share my gifts in time. Today, I want to concentrate on two of them.

Jennifer Crispin found my address on the Good Mail Day blog and after reading one of my blog entries felt compelled to send me this Fiji water bottle card because she thought that it was perfect for me. It truly is! As many readers may know, I have definite opinions about the bottling of our water and the marketing of bottled water. See my post Politics and Packaging for more information.

She also sent me more treats in a handmade envelope.

This inspired me to make my first handmade envelope and to fill it with goodies for her. While I will not share what is inside until it arrives safely, I will share the envelope.

And, I received two wonderful surprises from A Mad Stamper. First off, I received a rubber stamp that says “Heterosexist Bullshit.” I took a photograph of it, but it’s rather blurry. I did use it on the envelope that I made for the mail art that I sent her. I was a bit excited to try out the stamp and used too much pressure. I love it!

A Mad Stamper also sent me a beautiful card. She explained that it spoke to the importance of her school’s LGBTQ club. This was wonderful for me to hear since I will be working at a campus LGBTQ Center next year. I’ve been thinking of doing a workshop on mail art and her postcard may be the final inspiration.

I’m a bit of an introvert this summer. I’ve been wanting to spend a great deal of time by myself. The mail (and the internet) have been wonderful ways for me to connect with people without having to step too far out of my nest. I had forgotten how important art is for my quality of life and that of others.

Arte Es Vida.

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I have always loved taking photographs. I even used to develop and print photos. This is something that I haven’t done since I went digital. I have been taken in by the spontaneity of digital. And the fact that I can take as many photos as I would like without worrying about using up my film. I don’t worry so much about getting the perfect frame because I can just click again and then delete the ones that I don’t like. I love snapshots.

I thought that I would experiment using my photographs in postcards. I think some are more successful than others but I have learned something from every one.

I sent these to my friend acd, and IUOMA members Kris Naylor and Mariska van den Heuvel in this order.


I sent Seren from Good Mail Day swap this one. And IUOMA members Maurizio Follin and Erni Barr the ones that follow.

I sent more to Good Mail Day swappers jane, pd of just letter rip, annie yu of curbside treasures, and jennie hinchcliff.

IUOMA member Sharon Kennick received this one.

And lastly, I sent Bianca Jagoe of Goodnight Little Spoon a postcard in a new collage technique that I am experimenting with. There are more of these to come.

I am off this month and so there should be a great deal more mail art being made and received. See you in the mail!

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The United States has been on holiday celebrating its independence from one imperialist nation to becoming one itself. For me, this means staying inside on July 4th so that I don’t have to participate in the exaltation of explosives. It also means, no mail. That’s fine. I get a bit obsessive about checking my box. The dry mail box has allowed me to get this post out and share the creativity that has been streaming in. I just love sharing and receiving art from friends and strangers!

Erni Barr from Germany sent me this beautiful collage. I especially love his use of the UHU glue label.

Stefano Fossiant Sini of Italy, who shares with me a commitment to peace, sent me this wonderful collage:


He also sent me my first add and pass on. It will be passed on tomorrow. I wonder who will be receiving it?

Wolfgang Skodd of Germany sent me this. I love feathers as long as the bird shed them.

And Rudd Jansen of the Netherlands sent me this below. He also asked me to send him prints of the rubber stamps that I use most. I am waiting to do this until I get a very special rubber stamp in the mail and can include it. Should I divulge what it says? HETEROSEXIST BULLSHIT. What stamping fun I will have. I have found the IUOMA group to be very open. A portrait of me with a necklace made of expired condoms was published on the mail artists portrait blog with no freak-outs.

I have also received mail from other sources. LM, a super activist in my community, sent me this.

And my new pen pal, Patty Davidson, of Just Letter Rip sent me this. I love it when we reuse and reappropriate all that surrounds us.

That’s it for now.

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