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Hello! I’ve been very good about reading. On the days that I am not at my graduate assistantship, I try to work a full day. I get up with my partner at around 6:30 – 7:00 am, start reading around 8:00 am and keep going until around 4:30 pm when my partner gets off work. Generally, I try to go to a coffee shop so that I am not distracted by my art supplies or the cats.

That worked for a little while this weekend and then I just had enough. There was no more room left in my head for thinking about cultural reproduction or epistemology. I am taking  a break this afternoon and playing with my inks, gel medium transfers, and ziploc bags full of collected recycled paper. I need to celebrate American labor too, don’t I?

While I am thinking about postcards and mail art, I will share the newest arrivals. Yes, my mailbox still is receiving great gifts of human creation despite my postcard sabbatical!

Austin Wills James sent me this piece with these song lyrics on the back:

A piece of peace for you, a piece of peace for me.

A piece of peace for every peaceful person that you see.

-Michael Franti and Spearhead

Amy Dietz sent me what I am assuming is another handmade stamp impression:

Rachel Fasig sent me these cats. I need to ask her how she made them. They are low reliefs!

Another awesome Karen Champlin art work:

My partner’s mom sent me this:

My father mailed me a photo taken by my stepbrother:

And my friend Goyo sent me this photo taken from his trip to the Chilean Patagonia:

Finally now that I am going back to school, I will need to practice my cursive. Thanks, Stephanie!

I’m off to get another layer of modpodge on my in progress gel medium transfers and maybe make a postcard or two before my partner gets home from work. Yippee!

Have a nice holiday if you celebrate it; and just have a nice day, if you don’t.

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