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a month later…

… at ever turn, it stands back, measures up what is before it, gropes towards its limits, stumbles against what it does not mean, and digs pits to mark out its own path.

-Michel Foucault, “Archaeology of Knowledge”

Yes, I am still alive. It’s been a month since I’ve posted though. I’m keeping my head above water school-wise even though I can’t say I have comprehended much of this week’s reading. My comic book interpretation of Foucault’s writings gave a huge warning before embarking on this week’s reading. IT IS NOT FOR BEGINNERS. I’m a Foucault beginner. I will probably always be beginner when it comes to Foucault.

So, should I share some mail box treasures? Not much has gone out, but some has still come in. Thanks to all the mail artistas and know that you will receive something in December or January at the very latest.

Helen Aymes sent me this beauty about a month ago. I just received an envelope full of awesome ephemera which I do not even dare look at until winter break for fear of losing myself in collage ecstasy.

Another Karen Champlin expression. The quote makes so much sense to me. May we all find our way with our “madnesses.” There is an R. D. Lang that I can never forget. “Insanity is a sane reaction to an insane world.” This world can make us mad but there is also so much beauty in it to.

Such as POSTCARDS and MAIL ART!!!!!

I seem to have gotten a friend of mine, Driftwood Dan, into mail art. This is his first. I love it!

K. sent me this floral wonder. Both hers and Driftwood Dan’s are glued together with wheat paste.

And, Jennifer sent me this postcard of her dad’s museum. Don’t you just love all of the bottles?

I’m off. Not sure when I’ll be back, but I will eventually. Wish me luck. Crunch time is soon approaching…


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