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As usual, I hit a hard spot at this point in the semester where I have papers to write and a bit of a break to do them, but no motivation. And as usual, I don’t go out and have fun. I sit in front of the computer and stare at the screen. The internet has been a bit distracting this time around. I have spent quite a bit of time on zinester blogs, looking for fun ways to decorate for the holidays, and also on Etsy.

I thought that I’d share a few finds.

I am loving sassyfrass circus‘ visual sense. It might help that our politics, sexual identity, and academic interests are similar as well :)

Hello Amber is another zinester worth checking out.

In terms of decorating, I am hooked on the idea of making a temporary REAL wall like Andy’s and displaying some of the mail art and holiday cards that I receive on it.

I saw this wreath in a Martha Stewart magazine in the check out lane at the grocery store. I’d have to decutesy it and make it more 3-d, but the general idea may work. I can’t try it out until AFTER my papers are finished though. I will share what I eventually come up with.

And, thanks to Ugly Yellow, I figured out how to share some of my Etsy finds. Here they are!





Now, I’m off to write an outline, clean the house, go to the gym, and pick up a classmate at the airport.

Hope you have a swell day too!

mad madge

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my epistemological stance

hello! yes i have two important papers to write and many other small assignments to get done by december 13 but it is thanksgiving and we do have exceedingly cold temperatures and snow outside. my head needed a change in functioning from the esoteric and verbal to the visual, manual, and still slightly esoteric. i made a zine!

i don’t know if i should call it a zine since i’ve only made one copy so far that i will hand in as my position paper in my epistemology class. but if popular demand insists, i could make more over break. making the first is always the hardest because you have to get all the measurements right. subsequent copies aren’t easy but can rely a bit on that initial precedent.

it is another accordion zine. i like those. this one is super long. fifteen pages and two additional elongated ones.

and here are three of my favorite pages…

i had a blast with this. now i really need to settle down and write two papers for the rest of the week. Wish me luck.

one final image. perhaps this is what my brain feels like right now.

enjoy the weekend and be mindful and thankful for all of the wonder that you have  experienced,

mad madge

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Yes, I’m alive. Just busy. I made a few postcards over a month ago and haven’t mailed any of them out. Now that it is paper crunch time, I am foreseeing that at least some mail correspondence will happen in late December, but no earlier.

My mailbox has also been pretty empty. I did receive this letter from Jane B. which contained one of her zines, “Stab Heart.” THANK YOU!!! I had seen an earlier edition at our town’s new zine library and sent her a card telling her so.

You will probably not hear from me for another month now. Have papers to write and such.

Take care and peace,

mad madge

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