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It is nearing the third week of the semester and I am still seeking that ephemeral notion called balance. I think that I am taking too many classes. I’ve had some pretty thick reading this weekend including Jaspir Puar’s Terrrorist Assemblages along with some articles on arts-based research and I am still not done. This isn’t even counting the readings that I have for my third class in which I still have 100 pages to read.

I think that I am going to have to drop that last class because I am not going to be able to give it the time that it deserves. It’s a difficult decision that I am dragging my feet on because the topic is gender and because I just love the prof. I made her this card last week in response to last week’s readings. I heart Audre Lorde.

I put this fortune that I received from a Thai restaurant on the address side of the card. I try to be very conscious of the privileges that I have but I have to say that I often feel that I deserve things because I work hard. I need to remember that others work hard and don’t always get the opportunities that I have had and have.

Before I hit the books, I will share a little color that I have sent out during this sun sparse time of the year.

To Lindsay:

And j. bee:

j. bee even got an envelope:

And a little something for Erni:

I have been getting mail. I’ve just been slow to scan it. Next week perhaps?

May we find balance,

mad madge

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School has started. I still haven’t finished that incomplete and neither have my classmates. I just seem to stress more than they do. It may be my age.

But, my new year’s resolution was to find peace and balance and to slow down.

Amy Bartell’s mural project on campus has helped.

This is me and my friend C and her son B.

It’s been wonderful to have Amy on campus. When I worry a bit too much about school and funding and all the other thoughts that graduate school compels, I think about the mural and making time to paint. I haven’t painted much yet. Just the short time when this photo was taken. But the thought of painting and the need to make visual art is ever present and I will not squelch it.

I promise.

mad madge

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One quick post because I really need to get my paper done this weekend. School starts on Monday and I really don’t want an incomplete hovering over me.

As I am entering school mode, I thought that I would share four cards that have gone out to 3 current and one former classmate.

And while on the topic of school, check out this awesome mail art project that Andy did with secondary art teaching students. What a great idea!

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mail received

I get bored just sharing my mail art. Part of the joy is getting creativity from all over the globe. I feel a special visual connection with folks that send me little wonders that their hands have created.

Many Thanks, Merci, Gracias, Shukran!

Creepy claws from TR Raden.

An awesome envelope to a letter that I still need to respond to from Sally. I’m a bit slower with the letter writing.



Coralette …

Josh Ronsen is facilitating a tiny art exchange. I still need to send him something. If interested in participating, follow this link.

j. bee of sassyfrass circus is new to mail art. She’s a zinester who shares an interest in all that is queer. This second piece is a reference to her “femme a la barbe” zine. Totally psyched to get mail from her.

And yippeee! Another burst from Xtina!


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Happy New Year!

I hope you had wonderful transition to the New Year. We were considering going to see a local DJ who is moving to Germany. But, it was so cold outside that we stayed indoors and watched the film “Please Give” instead. If you haven’t seen it, I thought that it was funny. It is very much about how disconnected people can feel in their lives and how we try to find connection and purpose. Plus, I can get a little worked up about what I consider false acts of charity and humanitarian consumption which this film is poking fun at.

I thought that in celebration of the new year, I would share some spirals. I like spirals because they remind me that not everything proceeds in a straight chronological line. Spirals also get me thinking about the concept of recursivity; which in the way I like to think about it, involves stepping back and incorporating already defined information into the creation of  a new description. It’s like when you make a series of cursive l’s and you find yourself looping backwards to finish each one before you move forward.

Enough babbling. Here are my spirals:

Enjoy spirals,

mad madge

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