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Yesterday, was Audre Lorde’s birthday. I made this little card to remind myself to embody her strengths. I plan on printing it and putting some sort of protective cover on it in order to carry it around with me.

Can you think of any adjectives that I should have added?

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At the same time that I complain about the consumerist aspects of holidays, I love the fact that I am provided with a theme from which to spark my creativity. Valentine’s Day is no exception. Do I really need an excuse to cut out hearts? Perhaps.

This first one is a fav. Kelli gets it because I sent her a Christmas themed one and the silver foil like wrapping paper could not absorb enough glue to withstand the postal journey to one county south. The heart is from hand painted paper that Helen Amyes sent me. I sure hope this arrives in one piece. I thought that my use of mad podge was solving my glue problem. Please always tell me if your oeuvre does not arrive intact! I will send you another.

My classmate gets this one. I think she will like the fortune. I am including the message side so that you can see the letter stickers that I am using thanks to Lindsay’s inspiration.

I tried a process snagged from Mim in which I glued random scraps of paper onto a large piece of water color paper, let it dry, turned it over, and cut it into postcards without being able to see and influence the design. Sewing with Meg made me laugh. I hope it will make its recipient laugh as well.

I applied for a scholarship and always like to send thank you notes to my recommenders. PB got the following Stella Mars card. I know that she will appreciate the Butler reference.

And, these last two gel medium transfers are finally finding homes. I made them over the summer.



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happy mailbox :)

I’ve needed to scan and post for awhile now. Here are some of the gifts that my mailbox has received. They make me smile.


Art deepens the mystery.

-as quoted by Claudia Fitch


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