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I received an emotionally powerful postcard yesterday. I refuse to ignore the young person lying there, probably dead, in the second image.

I am not sure if the sender knows how much the subject matter, the Middle East, means to me. It is where I grew up. There has been so much happening- Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, and Libya to name only a few. I have classmates from Libya. I send my heart and  love. May this end soon.

And Gaza. I had tea with a Gazan classmate the other evening while skyping another friend of his in Gaza. That night, the Israelis were sending helicopters on a reconnaisance mission during the most recent 20 Palestinian eyes for your 1 Israeli campaign. Somehow we were laughing, despite it all.

I met a woman the other day who is going on a trip to Palestine this summer. I told her that I hoped that she had fun. She responded that she was not going to have fun. She was going to do serious work. I had definitely been distracted when I told her to have fun. But her response woke me up. All I could think of was my time in Guatemala in a village of returned refugees where the most important thing I did my entire year with my community was to have fun, sing songs, and laugh as hard as we possibly could.

Feel the pain and injustice. Truly feel it. And then laugh as hard as you can. Not a laugh of acquiescence but a “fuck you” laugh that says that I am going to laugh no matter what you do to me or anyone else.

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It was spring break this week and e and I took a few much needed days to get out of coldville and head to urban rainville. We really didn’t mind the rain much as long as we were bundled in our rain coats and put everything in our backpack inside plastic bags. Trees were beginning to blossom and just being in a creative urban space was reinvigorating. It’s been a long depressing winter.

Thought I’d share some eye candy moments and then some mail inspirations.

We visited the Japanese Gardens…

and wandered down hip Alberta St. I’m loving the layers of wet flyers stapled to the telephone and other poles.

We also went to the feminist bookstore and resource center, In Other Words. It was a wonderfully affirming space and great respite from a downpour. Plus my friend Mimi’s new book, Feminism is Queer, was on display!

I loved the poster in the bathroom. A good reminder of all that reproductive justice encompasses.

And yes, I made postcards from the tourist detritus that is available for free all over town.

To Jennie

To Sally

To Coralette Damme

I like the address side on this one. I started using the promotional postcards that you can find in coffee shops and just about everywhere.

To Annette

The next two are In Other Words inspirations. This one is for MJ.

and j. bee gets this front and back!

I am really into those blue dots. They are from a google ad in the Southwest Airlines Spirit magazine. None of the materials in any of these are archival but I just love reusing the everyday paper that passes through our lives.

Tomorrow I am offering a short workshop using theatre of the oppressed techniques. Should be fun. Then on Monday, it’s back to school where I will be presenting on using collage as a form of arts-based inquiry. Wish me luck!

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march mail

I can’t believe that it is already March. I have more mail that has come in but I haven’t gotten around to scanning it. Nor am I caught up on my return mail. I apologize. It may take me a little while as the semester is picking up.

Thanks to Jennie Hinchcliff, J. bee, and Douglas Galloway for the mail art they sent me!

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