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I have oodles of received mail to share, not much outgoing yet. It won’t all get shared today but here is a taste.

Xtina sent me this one months ago.

And so did Millicent…

Another explosion from Jennie Hinchcliff that awaits a response.

And this one is from j.b. Scary. Add wire rimmed glasses a la Emma Goldman and you have me.

Only four but I am calling it a night.

Outgoing mail will begin shortly, I hope.


mad madge

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Hi Everyone,

I am slowly returning to the world beyond books. I am still taking a class this summer and am starting a new job on Tuesday, but I will slowly make time for mail art again. Yippee!

The following is one of my projects from the semester, “Collaging Discourse.” I’d love your thoughts on it. I think it still needs work. Next, I want to make a mini accordion zine of the collages with text.

Hope to be posting and sending more soon…


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