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Hello. Yes, I know my last post was a bit rushed. I apologize. I have been feeling a sense of urgency to catch up with all the mail that I need to respond to, all the additional mail that I want to send, my love of collaging for the sake of collage, and other creative life experiences such as theatre, activism, and trying to have a garden all at the same time.

So, perhaps you have heard of SlutWalk. Our small town was no exception in creating a march. Over one hundred people attended (my organizer friend says 300 :) ). While I understand the critiques that “slut” is a word that women that have been historically associated with the word may not want to associate with and that unlike the word “queer” I myself do not particularly want to reclaim, I still participated. For me, the fact that the event was protesting victim blaming was enough for me to want to be involved. Plus, it gave me an opportunity to share a concept that I first read about in Yes Means Yes!: Visions of Female Sexual Power & a World without Rape by Jaclyn Friedman and Jessica Valenti, “Enthusiastic Participation.”

Basically, I and others think that we should replace the word “consent” with “enthusiastic participation” because a person can consent to sexual intercourse just to get it over with or to please their partner when they are not really into it.

After the march, I facilitated our local Peace and Justice Action League’s Activist Theatre Kick-Off where we did a bit of theatre games a la Augusto Boal and Michael Rohd. We had a blast and are planning a performance at a community event in August. More to come on that…

I sent the Peace and Justice Action League of Spokane a little something in honor of our accomplishments. I am really getting into circular postcards. I’ve snagged a whole bunch that are related to a local advertising campaign and am reusing them. I also am really into my cloud address labels that I made.

The two above are thank you cards for folks that were involved in the camp in which I facilitated the theatre workshops. The youth were a bit resistant especially to me, but there were moments of magic.

One of my friends who is really into Madonna came to visit me and I sent him this after he left. I got on quite the Madonna card kick and have others awaiting homes.

And, I am still trying to slowly catch up on sending mail to all of those that have sent me wonders over the last few months. I am working on them. I’m just a little slower these days. Plus, my garden can be a bit distracting… Another form of occasional magic.



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The warmer weather has finally arrived and I am enjoying it.


Our friend Tiffany of Ugly Yellow had a show last week and E and I treated ourselves to some prints. I bought the landscape scene because it reminded me of how nice it is to hike around where I live this time of year. E. bought the cat on top of the woman’s head because we are a cat family here.

I have a pile of mail to send off today but won’t share until I know they are on their way to their destinations. Instead, I will share some of the mail that I have received over the past few months.

A little something from Dawn.

And Erni …

From Gabby


      and Brian.

There are a few more that I haven’t scanned yet. I am also slowly sending return mail to folks.

I will click my heels and let the adventure of mail art begin!

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So, I am slowly catching up. I feel like I have been in an intellectual whirlwind for the last 9 months. Its fun but then all of these other loves get put aside. I’ve been working on the garden a bit and getting ready for a big camp next week in which I am going to be doing Theatre of the Oppressed with youth, many of whom are Native. I’m a bit nervous. I have five days. I have never had five days. Plus there are 70 youth registered. Plus, I’m a white woman working with youth whose people have been treated like sh… by mine.

Looking at this image of a workshop facilitated by the creator of Theatre of the Oppressed, Augusto Boal, comforts me a bit.

Wow! Can you feel the energy?

I also started a new job at the most progressive and sustainable location in this odd little place that I live called Spokane, Washington. Going back to my social work values and trying to help people through this economic crisis, ie. disaster capitalism, that we are currently enduring.

Well, this post was really about sharing a few pics of the outgoing trickle…

I sent Sally a little something back in April, but neglected to put international postage on it and so it was returned. Hence, she received a bigger package this time.

I also managed to get two more out.

One to J.B….

And this circular one to Jennie H. Totally psyched about these circles. The circular postcards are part of an advertising campaign for our symphony that I have reappropriated. I go around snagging a few when I see them. Personally, I think they look much better with my mess on them. There will be more to show soon…

And last, have you seen the new “Go Green” stamps of the U.S. Postal Service? I’m totally into them.

More to follow, someday.

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