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what a fun day so far

I went to our Occupy Spokane march this week determined to Occupy our Future and to articulate some of my dreams instead of just reiterating that things are economically in the pits for 99% of the population.

I went as a Marge Simpson inspired teacher. A coworker lent me the hair which I decorated with dream clouds of what I would like to see in education.

I marched with a fellow rabble rouser who dressed as a college graduate with no debt and a job and at some point when I was signing a song into the megaphone (I cannot sing by the way), someone slipped $5 into my bag. Afterwards, I went to find the person and realized that it was a man who appeared to perhaps be homeless who had given the money to me. He would not take the money back and so instead we ended up marching together. We had a blast. Randy held my sign and when I explained to him what the march was about, he waved the sign into every bank window that we passed by. I think he made a few of the protestors (about 1% of the 99 :) ) uncomfortable. As my friend said, “99% is a diverse group.”

A client of mine that I happened to run into, took this picture of us.

I did give Randy the $5 back, by the way. We replaced it with a $1 bill that he insisted that I take and frame.

Off to our LGBTQ Youth Center Masquerade fundraiser now.

Yippee to Occupying our Future!!!!

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Sometimes visuals help.

Check out how much wealth is accumulating in the pockets of a small few.

And here in Washington State Governor Gregoire proposes drastic $2 billion cuts that will eliminate many social services.

This is not just a TV show, this is reality. I hear it nearly every day from people calling at work.

It is time we wake up. Go to your local Occupy protest and participate, call you legislators, write letters to the editor, yell, scream!



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I started a new swap-bot swap: Occupy our Future.

Here is the description:

Most of us have heard about the Occupy Wall Street movement at this point.

There are critiques that the movement has not identified demands. Here is a chance to create your own dreams and hence demands.

What future would you like to see for the United States of America? What could we do with the money that Wall Street, other corporate executives, and elites are hoarding for themselves?

You will have two partners. I ask you to make each a handmade reflection to these questions. This is an international swap. The focus is on U.S. politics and its influence on international politics, which is why the entire planet has an opinion.

Please remember the handmade, reflective element. No rants without handmade, reflective elements.

If you send me a photo of what you receive or swap, I will do my best to post it to my blog http://www.canimailthis.wordpress.com.

I will also angel those that do not receive anything from their partner. This has not been a problem in the past.

I would love folks that don’t usually participate in swap-bot to consider participating.

As a handmade sign at the Occupy Spokane demonstration basically stated a week ago:

Art will make the difference.

*** Edited 10/25/2011***

I wrote this post last night, and by morning my swap had been cancelled. I guess that it was too political. I will not protest but I still want to do it. Anyone interested in doing an exchange? If so, let me know. I haven’t figured out how to organize it. I am open to ideas.

More to follow…

*** Edited 10/29/11 ***

Apparently the swap is still on. Not sure why. I thought that Swap-bot had cancelled it. You can learn more about it here.


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I found two very unusual pieces of mail in my mailbox this week.

One was this frisbee from Pen Thief.

The writing got a little smudged in transit.

It would be nice to use it during the last of our sunny days. Frisbee anyone?

And, I also received a little wooden something from Charlie, the mail clerk at my post office. I had sent him a thank you card awhile back because he is always helpful when I come in with my strange shaped mail that often needs to be hand stamped.

Charlie mentioned that I could reuse it. I’m not sure what to do with it. Perhaps a pass and add or pass back and forth on the theme of aging… Any ideas?

I received this last one from Susan McAlister. I like the colors and textures.

I get a big smile on my face when I open my mail box and find mail there. I also love the fact that I am not sure what I am going to find inside or from whom. For instance, I never expected mail from Charlie or a frisbee in the mail!

Hope your mailbox is full of happy surprises this week.


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I love my partner. Our last day in British Columbia, the day we were heading back, she took the long way home and did all of the driving all so that I could ride the ferry across Kootenay Lake.

The last time I crossed this lake by ferry was a few years ago after I had been to a local ashram. I gave someone a ride and I remember her doing sun salutations on the ferry. Then when we arrived in Balfour, we stopped by the jewelry stand of a man from Quebec and we were all able to communicate in French. Not something I could even hope to experience just a few miles south.

This is why I love going north to Canada. It gives my world a needed dusting off shake.

I made a few postcards while traveling. I haven’t sent any out yet. I am not even sure who to send them to. Fun. I generally don’t do landscapes; but British Columbia and my out of the U.S. at least temporarily experience were enough to inspire me.

I am in awe of the views and perspectives of my mountain views as well as the depths both physical and otherwise.

I love you dear dear world.

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I created my first swap for swap-bot in late August, with the mailing occurring in September. I had 8 people sign up for “i heart bicycles,” two of whom I know are IUOMA members and others that may become people that I exchange further mail with.

Now that it is getting cold, I am appreciating the time that I spent on my bicycle even more…



and this was not part of the mail art exchange, but a coworker gave me this sticker today:

I haven’t figured out where to put it yet. The most obvious choice is my bike, or my helmet, or even my water bottle… I’m an official bike riding afficionada now!

See you in the mail?

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I have so many images that I want to share from our trip.

On the second day, we decided to visit Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park. Our 16 km drive up a dirt road began with this sign.

After making it up, we were greeted with this porcupine warning.

Thankfully, there was a good supply of chicken wire, rocks, and sticks.

It was all worth it when we saw the views.

I’ve been making a few postcards that are inspired by these views. I should get to posting soon…

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