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I joined a swap where I had to make the whole collage out of magazines. It was a nice challenge. I kept on wanting to add paint or stitches. This is what I came up with:

Next time, I will try to make the contrast between the background and tree silhouette a little stronger; but I really like it. I may have to make some of these as holiday presents! The “stitching” is my favorite.

Then, I was inspired by this packing tape technique that pretty lily was using. I made a whole bunch because they are fast and fun. They are slowly finding homes. I sent the following one to pretty lily, since she was my inspiration.

And I sent this minimal one to Jon Foster since I hear that he was the IUOMA member who “discovered” the technique.

Ah, so many more many more magazine pages to put packing tape on and then quickly lift to see what randomness stays on the tape!

This last photo is just because I bought a new coat when I was out looking for rolodex containers. I just love the gold and the color combos that it encourages me to make. I’m holding our local clock tower in my hand no less.

And before departing, I want to send positive energy to my fellow Washingtonians that are at our state capitol protesting the budget cut proposals which are nothing less than drastic and inhumane.

Have a good week,


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I have confirmation that the two people that I sent “Occupy our Future” cards to through my swap-bot swap have received their cards.

This means that I can share what I sent and one of the cards that I received. I still have two possible cards to receive and two extras to send in case someone doesn’t receive their allotted two. In the swap-bot world they call it “angeling.” These I will share at a later date.

Inspired by my chalkboard cloud that I used at an “Occupy Spokane” march, I made more clouds for:


and Angie. I may have gotten a little carried away with homemade ink spritzer on this last one.

Angie was not one of my partners, but she sent me this. Isn’t it nice? I love the die cut houses. It gives me ideas for when I add houses to something again.

I like the message on the back too. :)

Have a wonderful weekend. And if you participate in the holiday buying frenzy, please consider buying local. The money stays in your community, which most communities need at this point.



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a :) mailbox

Lots of mail this week. Always nice to find art in my box.

Nice stamps and splatter from Amy D.

Lots of painted texture fromĀ  i am rushmore.

From Guido Vermuelen.

A postcard by Jim SaintAmour with a photograph that he took.

The long bridge that Bruno crosses to go to work in Rio de Janeiro…

And this cool fused plastic postcard from Stewart Charlebois. Love the sewing patterns which is why I had to share the front and the back. I must try this technique.

This was a very inspiring batch of mail. I can’t wait to try new mail art experiments with the techniques folks have shared with me!

Many thanks,


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I have been working but I am slow at getting to the point where I feel comfortable sharing. It amazes me how long it takes me to send a piece of mail art out. This isn’t a quick process for me whatsoever. I would say that each postcard takes me at least 4 hours, if not more. Yes, I do work on more than one at a time. Here is a sense of my procedural layout:

My bureau drawer which resides in the same room as my art supplies. New “in process” mail art is interspersed with a few received treasures.

Move slightly to the right and my stamps and Chart Pak lettering are strewn on a chair.

I am totally digging my garage sale desk and its many compartments.

Continuing in the rightwards direction . . . I love my new sewing machine.

And bingo cards!

Even the floor begins to get covered when I am in full activity mode.

Sometimes I spread into the dining room . . .

And even into the kitchen to do packing tape transfers.

Results of my messy madness will follow. Here are a few to wet your appetite :)

For a blue swap for Ms. Lemon I went back to an old technique love of mine of just using old scraps that I insist on collecting. A purple card is currently in the mail too!

This one is a bit blurry. I decided to recycle Charlie’s postcard and send it to i am Rushmore who is a month older than me. Originally, we had conceived of a continued realtering. However, if she wants to keep it as is, I am fine with that. I kind of like it.

Yet another blurry photo. This happens when I go 3-D. In September, after hurricane Irene on the East Coast of the United States, my stepmother sent me a few samples of the detritus she found on the beach.

I sent her a few pieces back.

I like my circle series and look forward to making more. I also hope that I can get hold of more of those awesome butterfly stamps. The post office was out when I went last :(

This proved to be a rather long post.

Be well,


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