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These are a few that I mailed out last week. Hopefully they have arrived to their destinations.

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This is one series that was sent out today. Another one going out tomorrow. Trying to get mail out before I am traveling for a week.

Excited for sun and the Wonderland show. I bought my tickets!!!

More uploaded but not put on today’s blog. Soon enough.

paz, mm

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These are a few that I have made and sent out recently.

What’s new in my life? I started a flickr page. You can link to it here.

Experimenting with painting, collaging, and layering. Also found an old fashion magazine that I am cutting up and reusing.

I bought a few used books with a gift certificate that I was given:

I have gleaned techniques and ideas from all three, but Collage Journeys is especially chock full of useful experiments and techniques.

May your days be full of sunshine, either real or imagined.


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I am writing this post as my black cat Maya lies on her back in front of me, between me and the laptop purring loudly and looking oh so cute.

Late last year, I joined an International Union of Mail Art mail sharing of New Year’s cats that Angie organized. I shared what I sent off here. My cats have been trickling in from all over and I decided that it was about time that I shared.

from angie

from vizma, i heart the human this cat represents and am saddened by her absence.

Something from Katerina Nikoltsou! I have admired her work for so long!

an ongoing cat adventure from fleur

a photo of frankie from iheartmailart

the big eared one from nadine

a green bug floating above from the Dak.

and an additional cuddly kiddo from Lois.

I don’t think that I have sent anything to her. I will add her to the ongoing “return mail” pile that I never seem to make it through, despite how much I try…

Be well, and be sure to cuddle with your loved ones.



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