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These past few days, I was able to visit one of my favorite cities in the world, a city in which I spent nearly 8 years of my life: New Orleans. It was a quick trip but what a gift to be able to go back and visit. I haven’t been since before Katrina.

These photos are of some of the images that I have clung to in my memory and was so happy to see. I missed you New Orleans!

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I am trying to be accepting of experiments and not always making work that I consider perfect. My experiments started with a “Layers of Flavor” swap on swap-bot. The idea was to use at least three techniques from a list provided and to experiment. These are what I came up with:


Afterwards, I made the following three in the hopes that spring would arrive soon:

I have more, but this is good for today!

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a big rock

My father is visiting from the East Coast of the U.S. On Saturday, we visited Steamboat Rock in Central Washington. Isn’t it amazing? I’ve been wanting to see it for long while now.

I’ve been making as usual. I sent a bunch out today. I’ll post some eventually.

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Sometimes I make collaged cards and then they sit on my desk until I get around to addressing and mailing them. These are some that meet that category:

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I was in Southern California this past week for work- the perfect place to visit in February when you have just had it with the grey and the extra weight of coats. And the light… I noticed it even as I waited for my buddy to pick me up at LAX. So clear and light, yet not overwhelmingly bright. You could stare into it without worrying too much about destroying some vital part of the sensitive to light northerners’ eyes. This could all be in my head. Nonetheless, the colors were vibrant and hopeful. Here are some of the creations made in my Westin hotel room:

This last one is of the San Bernardino mountains that are overwhelmingly present when looking East and yet people cannot tell me much about them. Do people live on them year round? Can you hike them? What is on the other side? I want to make more collages to acknowledge their majestic presence.


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I forgot to share this one the other day. I really like it.

I’ve been in Southern California for the last week for a training for work. In the evenings, I made collages. I’ll share them shortly.

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