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I am nearly always behind in my postings. What I worked on tonight has nothing to do with this post. What I am currently working on is drying, needing stitchery, etc…

This batch are some of my first art journal entries. I am so so about journaling. It is scary and tiring pushing your inner critic aside. I was thinking that if I could keep the process up, journals would be a great place to experiment. And since I am me, I must commit myself to exercises that will supposedly help me understand the craft.

I chose Juliana Coles’ “Extreme Journalism” as my introduction, in part because sparkleface references her and I have a huge flickr favorite crush on sparkleface.

I feel that it is important that I share my blach creations along with my favorites. Hopefully, it will help others tell their inner critic to leave them be. I know that my failures help me with the next step in my creative process and there are moments when I see my shit pieces influence future amazingness. That’s how it goes.

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My mother gave me this hippie skirt a few years back. I love it and generally wear it all summer when in creative mode. As you can see it has developed a bit of a rip. Not sure what I am going to do yet. Tear it up for collage making or play with the fissure and create a patch underneath. We shall see. For the time being, E took a picture of my eye looking through it.

I love eye symbols. The following is of a tree in Leavenworth, WA that has evil eye protectors hanging from it. I need to do this.

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mostly yellow

Continuing on with my Collage Workbook exercises, I started collaging with mostly yellow.

I thought about adding stitching to these but just couldn’t get myself to. They must be fine like this unless I had some stitching later.

This last one was a b and w leading to mostly yellow. Helen Amyes gave me the tree in a swap.

I really love just playing with scraps. It’s like a jigsaw puzzle.

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white and black

I haven’t been very good at keeping this blog up. I’ve been busy with summer, a little travel as well. I have a few creative projects that I have been working on one of which is to do the activities in The Collage Workbook by Randel Plowman. Folks may know him through his A Collage a Day blog. Thought I’d share some of my experiments.

For these, I focused on using various shades of white only:

Using only black and white, trying to get a range of values:

That arch, by the way, is from of a photo that I took of the front entrance arch at the American University of Beirut. I’m a bit into it. In part, because I grew up in Lebanon; but I also just like arches. A lot of the rest of the black and white images came from a swap-bot swap with Courtney Bouchie. I probably will send her one of these as a thank you.

Next I did a few black and whites but added a tad bit of color. Thanks to a coworker for the awesome black and white plastic Marimekko bag that I cut up. See those black and white curves?

That is a good amount of sharing for today. Thank you to all of you who pay attention to this blog.



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