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I thought I’d share how my postcards evolve within a two week period.

It’s nice out, and so I load up a bunch of supplies one Saturday and head out to the backyard where I start cutting up photos from garden magazines and the like and mixing them with tissue paper.


Somewhere along the way, I bought a lace curtain at a thrift store and began cutting it up:

A Gee’s Bend quilt by Annie Mae Young was also a loose influence on the last four.

After receiving a Gee’s Bend postage stamp from Jill French which I added to postcard/collage #3 in this grouping, I was so inspired that I also bought a book of postcards. I love the simplicity of the Gee’s Bend quilts. I might explore their designs more through my collages.

OK. I’m off to fiddle some more with paint, postage stamps, lace and collage!



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My short and shy partner who looks barely twenty is leaning against some sort of elevated counter element with her black James Dean inspired non-leather jacket waiting for me to appear out of a small crowd of people coming out of an auditorium. She is barely a foot away from the artist presenter and star of the evening. I come up, lean down towards her, put my arms widely around her, and kiss her. As we look up, we see Swoon and she is smiling at us.

This is a conclusion to a one hour presentation that I have been talking about for weeks. At this point in my life, I find that it takes a bit of effort to leave the comfort of my home. But when I heard that Swoon was coming to town and was speaking, I had to go.

It was nice to hear her speak about her work and the values behind it. I can appreciate her love of creating ephemeral work and her commitment to social justice. In case you are unfamiliar with her work, here are a few of my favorites:

If you want to learn more about Swoon and her work, the Wikipedia entry is here.

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I had written that I would share some of my creations from my Text and Image class. I still have two lessons to do. I was having a hard time keeping up with the lessons. It was just too nice outside and I got more weeding done than I have ever gotten done before. Anyway, these are what I came up with:

I’m not in love with any of them. I often had this weird feeling in my chest when I was working on them. I enjoyed the class, but found that the instructor, Jane Davies, and I disagreed on which were my strongest pieces. Despite this, I may decide to take her color class in a couple of weeks. I’ll think about it.

That’s it for now.

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jerry’s map

I just discovered Jerry Gretzinger’s work. I love how his mind works and how the project has grown and changed over time. I also love the use of the altered playing cards to help him choose what direction to go next.

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I have not been all that excited about posting. But, I saw this video by Niky Roehreke today and just had to share. It’s a bit long but beautiful all the same. A bit trance like and fun to dance to. Enjoy!

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I haven’t been blogging much. Or being visually creative.

I went to the East Coast one week and weekend to visit the padres. Then last weekend I was at the annual CSTI conference in Portland, Oregon which will be AMP, Activists Mobilizing for Power, next year. I think the highlight for me was going to Mic Crenshaw’s workshop despite the fact that I had to leave early to start the six hour drive home. I found a song/spoken word/rap piece that he performed for us as he encouraged us to pursue our own activist creativity, Follow Your Instincts. I really liked him.

I feel like I am still finding my style, the way to express myself and share that appeals to a certain audience. Perhaps I have yet to find my audience, or a little bit of both.

My mailbox has been rather empty. There was this surge, on my part, of responding to the mail that I received while in school and now that I have caught up, all is quiet. Perhaps I am not considered a reliable corresponder since I was stressed out with school for awhile. As they say where I lived in Guatemala, “Saber?”

I am hoping that Saturday is a day of making. First off I need to clean out my work area which is strewn with clothes, my half empty/full duffle bag, and other accoutrements from my trips. Then I can start creating.

I will share some from the time before heading East. I kind of like them, even though I got an “unusual” from a swapbot swapper who received one of them. I think prettylily was a major influence on these.

May you create no matter what, making this world a more sustainable, just, and equitable world in the process.


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Not much making for the last two weeks. I am sure breaks can be positive. Causes you to archive images and reflections that you come across. To remind yourself over and over again to remember them if they have impressed you so much. Sometimes I think that I work too much without reflecting, and so I see not making anything right now as a good thing; even though it is frustrating.

I try to make sure that I see a little mainstream gallery “acceptable” art when I go out East to see los padres. This time I went to the Aldridge in Connecticut where I had a wonderful time. The best art viewing experience ever really because I laughed and reacted so much while viewing. Plus, there wasn’t anyone else besides my father and stepmother in the galleries when we were viewing art which allowed us to say whatever we were feeling at a voice that was comprehensible rather than a murmur.

And, I decided that I would treat myself to a day to the city that I have both a love and loathing for: NYC.

At first, I was planning to go to the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art at the Brooklyn Museum because Lorna Simpson had some art there and because I had never seen The Dinner Party in real life.

But, at the last minute, perhaps due to the heat and the prospect of a short subway ride, perhaps because I swayed by ye old NY Times, I went to see the “Ostalgia” exhibit at the New Museum.

At this moment, the work of Vladimir Arkhipov and Anna Zemánková stick in my mind.

What are these? A thread spooler and a maraca. The thread spooler is a personal favorite. They are basically the “DIY survival tools” that the artist traveled around Russia documenting.

And while on the subject of thread, I was a bit obsessed with it this trip and am consequently dreaming about an inexpensive, light-weight, and small sewing machine.

Anna Zemánková combines various media with embroidery. You can’t even see the embroidery in this reproduction. Ugh.

This womb is by Marloes Dukyer whom I discovered in Indie Craft. I love the use of thread that is allowed to stream, lace, and paper that has been left to the elements in a pile of leaves.

I could learn a lot from her.

Heather L. Murphy is an artist that I discovered through Painted Pages.  I love how she sews the kinds of materials I collect in her journals. I am having issues attaching the image to my blog. Perhaps protections are in place. I respect this. I like her work and don’t want anyone to steal it or use it inappropriatly. And so, in addition to the previous link that I shared, here is a page from her blog.

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