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Back from the world of the three responsibilities. I have this weekend to continue to create. Plus evenings until the 2nd when I switch gears and prepare for more my class of ESL students.

I love this time of year because I love scavenging for glittery paper. A simple request amongst all of the _________ (fill in the blank with your own conclusion).

As usual, I pick up the shiny stuff and repurpose. Here is a small mosaic of some. More on the way…




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I love this busy series. These are a sampling. I upload all onto my flickr page. I’ve been loving going to the thrift store down the street and picking up lace curtains and such. I am still experimenting with all of lace’s potential. Not to mention my continued love for the sewing machine despite my still limited stitch vocabulary. And that deep blue that embeds itself into my psyche.

Create your own beauty (by your own terms).


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Sometimes I make collaged cards and then they sit on my desk until I get around to addressing and mailing them. These are some that meet that category:

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I was in Southern California this past week for work- the perfect place to visit in February when you have just had it with the grey and the extra weight of coats. And the light… I noticed it even as I waited for my buddy to pick me up at LAX. So clear and light, yet not overwhelmingly bright. You could stare into it without worrying too much about destroying some vital part of the sensitive to light northerners’ eyes. This could all be in my head. Nonetheless, the colors were vibrant and hopeful. Here are some of the creations made in my Westin hotel room:

This last one is of the San Bernardino mountains that are overwhelmingly present when looking East and yet people cannot tell me much about them. Do people live on them year round? Can you hike them? What is on the other side? I want to make more collages to acknowledge their majestic presence.


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Thanks to swap-bot, I tried collaging a few file folder envelopes. The swap asked for one, and I made four. I still have one to send from that batch. So, here are three of them.

To Lorena

To Alice Rabbit

To Elyse

Like everything else that I make, they are experiments. It was nice to have so much room to play on. My postcards are generally smaller. I still feel like I am developing my style. I’ve started art journaling so that I can experiment more and not worry about making something really ugly.

Working on my next batch of file folders now. The swap is to make file folder envelopes where all of the images come from one book. Of course, I have already made two and who knows how many more I will make before I am done.

My application is in by the way.

hasta pronto,


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Look at what was in my mail box the other day.

Kris Naylor did it again. Last year she gave me little tea bag wrappers taped together to form an envelope sized rectangle, each with a little painting inside. You can see it here.

Now I need an explosion of creativity to get me to sit down and write two essays that I need to get done for something that I am applying for. They aren’t hard essays; but for some reason, I am dragging my feet.

Oh those dreaded “shoulds!”

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I have not been all that excited about posting. But, I saw this video by Niky Roehreke today and just had to share. It’s a bit long but beautiful all the same. A bit trance like and fun to dance to. Enjoy!

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