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I created my first swap for swap-bot in late August, with the mailing occurring in September. I had 8 people sign up for “i heart bicycles,” two of whom I know are IUOMA members and others that may become people that I exchange further mail with.

Now that it is getting cold, I am appreciating the time that I spent on my bicycle even more…



and this was not part of the mail art exchange, but a coworker gave me this sticker today:

I haven’t figured out where to put it yet. The most obvious choice is my bike, or my helmet, or even my water bottle… I’m an official bike riding afficionada now!

See you in the mail?

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Continuing on with the bicycle theme, I have created my first swap on swap-bot. Hope you will join and create awesome postcards/mail art about what bicycles mean to you. You can find my swap here.

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I’ve been making less postcards and journaling more. It gives me an opportunity to explore different techniques without having to have a finished product that is “mailable.” I haven’t had many journaling or generally making days in awhile. Tomorrow will be an opportunity. I will hopefully make the best of it.

I made this page a few weeks ago.

The stacked rocks are a common sight on hikes here in this area. The first time I saw stacked rocks was in Austin, TX. But they are regular occurrences on hikes and nature walks here in Spokane.

This page has another significance. It was my last bike ride on my red bike with the plastic green basket. My dear friend S. and I biked at least 35 miles along the Spokane river. I came home, locked my bike up in the backyard, went on my trip to Yakima, and when I came back my bike and my partner’s were stolen.

Rather disconcerting having someone come into your private backyard space. They came prepared with lock cutters which means a previous reconnaissance mission.


Sorry for the harsh language.

I went to a really cool DIY bike shop in town and bought a new used bike. I put the pedals on myself. I needed mine to commute to work and did not want to wait but we’ve been talking about taking the time to make my partner E’s bike ourselves. I’d like to. My brief pedal replacement was humbling and fun.

I hate the idea that someone is roaming around our backyard uninvited. E’s been freaking out replacing locks in the house.

I’m a social worker for goodness sakes. I could have very likely talked to the thieves on the phone and gone out of my way to help them.

People tell me it is the bad economy. Others say it is because youth have nothing to do over the summer. I just think of the reasons why someone would feel the need to steal two bikes that together, were probably not worth one hundred dollars. A meal? A hit? A short moment of fun? And being me, I think of those who are currently making many thousands, millions, and even billions over one hundred dollars, that small yet increasing percentile who are living beyond anyone’s yet imaginable material expectations.

The gap between those who have and those who don’t is deeper than it has ever been. It is those of you who live with so much more than you need, more than the one time hit seeker who stole our bikes, that I blame for the loss of my cheap but well loved bike.

To you I yell out an even huger:


Note: I edited out the expletives. I was a bit angry last night. I still am but I decided to rid my post of expletives.

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