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Here are a few more postcards that I made with holiday wrapping along with some of my iphoneography. It has been so nice to have time to create. If you want to see more, they are all posted on my flickr photostream. Hopefully 2013 will be full of new creating for you and for me!

peace, mm

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I had fun with this batch. I made a few more backgrounds that are not finished and will fiddle with additional embroidery pieces that I bought at the thrift store. I like the use of eyes with glasses too. Model eyes aren’t the only beautiful eyes! I love the power of eyes especially when used to stare folks (and cats) down.

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I’ve always had a thing for eyes, but the recent rip in my hippie skirt has inspired me to explore them more.

Why is it that I have such a thing for them? I love the shape and colors of the round evil eye protectors. As a child, I was fascinated with the idea that we needed protection from eyes. Later, as an adult, I had an experience where the groom of my best friend would not look me in the eye the day of their wedding. It was a bad sign.

Eyes are entrances into the heart. You can tell a lot by looking straight into them.

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I am nearly always behind in my postings. What I worked on tonight has nothing to do with this post. What I am currently working on is drying, needing stitchery, etc…

This batch are some of my first art journal entries. I am so so about journaling. It is scary and tiring pushing your inner critic aside. I was thinking that if I could keep the process up, journals would be a great place to experiment. And since I am me, I must commit myself to exercises that will supposedly help me understand the craft.

I chose Juliana Coles’ “Extreme Journalism” as my introduction, in part because sparkleface references her and I have a huge flickr favorite crush on sparkleface.

I feel that it is important that I share my blach creations along with my favorites. Hopefully, it will help others tell their inner critic to leave them be. I know that my failures help me with the next step in my creative process and there are moments when I see my shit pieces influence future amazingness. That’s how it goes.

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mostly yellow

Continuing on with my Collage Workbook exercises, I started collaging with mostly yellow.

I thought about adding stitching to these but just couldn’t get myself to. They must be fine like this unless I had some stitching later.

This last one was a b and w leading to mostly yellow. Helen Amyes gave me the tree in a swap.

I really love just playing with scraps. It’s like a jigsaw puzzle.

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white and black

I haven’t been very good at keeping this blog up. I’ve been busy with summer, a little travel as well. I have a few creative projects that I have been working on one of which is to do the activities in The Collage Workbook by Randel Plowman. Folks may know him through his A Collage a Day blog. Thought I’d share some of my experiments.

For these, I focused on using various shades of white only:

Using only black and white, trying to get a range of values:

That arch, by the way, is from of a photo that I took of the front entrance arch at the American University of Beirut. I’m a bit into it. In part, because I grew up in Lebanon; but I also just like arches. A lot of the rest of the black and white images came from a swap-bot swap with Courtney Bouchie. I probably will send her one of these as a thank you.

Next I did a few black and whites but added a tad bit of color. Thanks to a coworker for the awesome black and white plastic Marimekko bag that I cut up. See those black and white curves?

That is a good amount of sharing for today. Thank you to all of you who pay attention to this blog.



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I have a plastic chandelier that I bought at IKEA a few years ago. I love it. So much so, that I saved the instruction manual that came with it and every once and a while return to the scanned image I made of it. I can’t say exactly why I love the chandelier image so. I am by no means the type of person who has or wants lots of luxuries. But while my little plastic chandelier may not be considered a luxury to most, it is for me.

Many of these have reached their destinations or are on their way, others have not been sent yet or will be mailed right back to me (I love postmarks.)

While I was making them the words “whimsy” and “wonder” kept on popping up in my mind.

What symbol pops into your mind when you hear those two words?

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