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Now that I have relieved myself of the pressure of documenting everything that I receive and send, I suddenly feel like posting. Imagine that?

I received this amazingness in my mailbox yesterday.

I totally dig it. Not only is it the name of Ani Di Franco’s record label but it is the perfect card for me! I ended up putting it up on my wall in front of my desk at work. It will help me through some of the harder days when I have to listen to stories of discrimination that I cannot even fathom. Or for the times that I try to speak diplomatically and empathetically to a landlord that a client is having difficulties with and he proceeds to call me a “young lady.” I have previously visualized my streak of grey hair and verbally striken back. Now I can stare at the righteous babe showing her muscle along with her grey and wham! He he he. Insert scathingly sounding laugh here.

Thank you, Amy D.!!!

I’m off to the East Coast on Sunday. The mail (and blogging) will slow down for a week, perhaps.

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Hello. Yes, I know my last post was a bit rushed. I apologize. I have been feeling a sense of urgency to catch up with all the mail that I need to respond to, all the additional mail that I want to send, my love of collaging for the sake of collage, and other creative life experiences such as theatre, activism, and trying to have a garden all at the same time.

So, perhaps you have heard of SlutWalk. Our small town was no exception in creating a march. Over one hundred people attended (my organizer friend says 300 :) ). While I understand the critiques that “slut” is a word that women that have been historically associated with the word may not want to associate with and that unlike the word “queer” I myself do not particularly want to reclaim, I still participated. For me, the fact that the event was protesting victim blaming was enough for me to want to be involved. Plus, it gave me an opportunity to share a concept that I first read about in Yes Means Yes!: Visions of Female Sexual Power & a World without Rape by Jaclyn Friedman and Jessica Valenti, “Enthusiastic Participation.”

Basically, I and others think that we should replace the word “consent” with “enthusiastic participation” because a person can consent to sexual intercourse just to get it over with or to please their partner when they are not really into it.

After the march, I facilitated our local Peace and Justice Action League’s Activist Theatre Kick-Off where we did a bit of theatre games a la Augusto Boal and Michael Rohd. We had a blast and are planning a performance at a community event in August. More to come on that…

I sent the Peace and Justice Action League of Spokane a little something in honor of our accomplishments. I am really getting into circular postcards. I’ve snagged a whole bunch that are related to a local advertising campaign and am reusing them. I also am really into my cloud address labels that I made.

The two above are thank you cards for folks that were involved in the camp in which I facilitated the theatre workshops. The youth were a bit resistant especially to me, but there were moments of magic.

One of my friends who is really into Madonna came to visit me and I sent him this after he left. I got on quite the Madonna card kick and have others awaiting homes.

And, I am still trying to slowly catch up on sending mail to all of those that have sent me wonders over the last few months. I am working on them. I’m just a little slower these days. Plus, my garden can be a bit distracting… Another form of occasional magic.



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Hi Everyone,

I am slowly returning to the world beyond books. I am still taking a class this summer and am starting a new job on Tuesday, but I will slowly make time for mail art again. Yippee!

The following is one of my projects from the semester, “Collaging Discourse.” I’d love your thoughts on it. I think it still needs work. Next, I want to make a mini accordion zine of the collages with text.

Hope to be posting and sending more soon…


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One of my favorite clicks is WAFA (We Are Fucking Awesome) Global Artist Collective. They redesigned their website and I realized that my side link to their postcards wasn’t working anymore. It should be working now.

I am working on another collage zine for a class of mine, actually. A visual interpretation of Michel Foucault’s “History of Sexuality Vol. 1.” It may sound esoteric but the idea is that I try to make some of Foucault’s ideas accessible to non-academics. I’ll post the final result on this blog, of course.

I thought I’d share some of the postcards from the WAFA site that I most liked and that are inspiring me. I am by no means as talented, but I am having fun. See more of their postcards here. And check out their new zine WAFA Zine 03.

I have been peeking at Lindsay’s work a lot as well. Lindsay is a mail artist whose blog is GOOD VIBEZ. Some of my favorite work by her is here.

Back to my paper strewn desk!


mad madge

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It was spring break this week and e and I took a few much needed days to get out of coldville and head to urban rainville. We really didn’t mind the rain much as long as we were bundled in our rain coats and put everything in our backpack inside plastic bags. Trees were beginning to blossom and just being in a creative urban space was reinvigorating. It’s been a long depressing winter.

Thought I’d share some eye candy moments and then some mail inspirations.

We visited the Japanese Gardens…

and wandered down hip Alberta St. I’m loving the layers of wet flyers stapled to the telephone and other poles.

We also went to the feminist bookstore and resource center, In Other Words. It was a wonderfully affirming space and great respite from a downpour. Plus my friend Mimi’s new book, Feminism is Queer, was on display!

I loved the poster in the bathroom. A good reminder of all that reproductive justice encompasses.

And yes, I made postcards from the tourist detritus that is available for free all over town.

To Jennie

To Sally

To Coralette Damme

I like the address side on this one. I started using the promotional postcards that you can find in coffee shops and just about everywhere.

To Annette

The next two are In Other Words inspirations. This one is for MJ.

and j. bee gets this front and back!

I am really into those blue dots. They are from a google ad in the Southwest Airlines Spirit magazine. None of the materials in any of these are archival but I just love reusing the everyday paper that passes through our lives.

Tomorrow I am offering a short workshop using theatre of the oppressed techniques. Should be fun. Then on Monday, it’s back to school where I will be presenting on using collage as a form of arts-based inquiry. Wish me luck!

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At the same time that I complain about the consumerist aspects of holidays, I love the fact that I am provided with a theme from which to spark my creativity. Valentine’s Day is no exception. Do I really need an excuse to cut out hearts? Perhaps.

This first one is a fav. Kelli gets it because I sent her a Christmas themed one and the silver foil like wrapping paper could not absorb enough glue to withstand the postal journey to one county south. The heart is from hand painted paper that Helen Amyes sent me. I sure hope this arrives in one piece. I thought that my use of mad podge was solving my glue problem. Please always tell me if your oeuvre does not arrive intact! I will send you another.

My classmate gets this one. I think she will like the fortune. I am including the message side so that you can see the letter stickers that I am using thanks to Lindsay’s inspiration.

I tried a process snagged from Mim in which I glued random scraps of paper onto a large piece of water color paper, let it dry, turned it over, and cut it into postcards without being able to see and influence the design. Sewing with Meg made me laugh. I hope it will make its recipient laugh as well.

I applied for a scholarship and always like to send thank you notes to my recommenders. PB got the following Stella Mars card. I know that she will appreciate the Butler reference.

And, these last two gel medium transfers are finally finding homes. I made them over the summer.



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It is nearing the third week of the semester and I am still seeking that ephemeral notion called balance. I think that I am taking too many classes. I’ve had some pretty thick reading this weekend including Jaspir Puar’s Terrrorist Assemblages along with some articles on arts-based research and I am still not done. This isn’t even counting the readings that I have for my third class in which I still have 100 pages to read.

I think that I am going to have to drop that last class because I am not going to be able to give it the time that it deserves. It’s a difficult decision that I am dragging my feet on because the topic is gender and because I just love the prof. I made her this card last week in response to last week’s readings. I heart Audre Lorde.

I put this fortune that I received from a Thai restaurant on the address side of the card. I try to be very conscious of the privileges that I have but I have to say that I often feel that I deserve things because I work hard. I need to remember that others work hard and don’t always get the opportunities that I have had and have.

Before I hit the books, I will share a little color that I have sent out during this sun sparse time of the year.

To Lindsay:

And j. bee:

j. bee even got an envelope:

And a little something for Erni:

I have been getting mail. I’ve just been slow to scan it. Next week perhaps?

May we find balance,

mad madge

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