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Here are a few more postcards that I made with holiday wrapping along with some of my iphoneography. It has been so nice to have time to create. If you want to see more, they are all posted on my flickr photostream. Hopefully 2013 will be full of new creating for you and for me!

peace, mm

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Back from the world of the three responsibilities. I have this weekend to continue to create. Plus evenings until the 2nd when I switch gears and prepare for more my class of ESL students.

I love this time of year because I love scavenging for glittery paper. A simple request amongst all of the _________ (fill in the blank with your own conclusion).

As usual, I pick up the shiny stuff and repurpose. Here is a small mosaic of some. More on the way…




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I hope you are having a wonderful winter season of celebration no matter what holiday you celebrate. The above creation is from Pretty Lily. I love it.

At our house, we have a small cardboard tree that we hang on the wall with lights. You can see a picture of it here. We went to my partner’s parents’ house last night and so today we opened a few presents underneath our tree, made a yummy breakfast and now we will putter around the house in our pajamas for the rest of the day. I will probably make a few things now that my studio/office is clean after a three-day long cleaning!

Here are a few things that I have made recently that are representative of the holiday season in one way or another:

The last two are my first two rolodex creations. The orange one is for a November swap and the second for December. I love them! The fencing is from ephemera that angie sent me and the heart in the second is from a collage ephemera swap that I did with helen amyes last year.

Off to make a bit more now…

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At the same time that I complain about the consumerist aspects of holidays, I love the fact that I am provided with a theme from which to spark my creativity. Valentine’s Day is no exception. Do I really need an excuse to cut out hearts? Perhaps.

This first one is a fav. Kelli gets it because I sent her a Christmas themed one and the silver foil like wrapping paper could not absorb enough glue to withstand the postal journey to one county south. The heart is from hand painted paper that Helen Amyes sent me. I sure hope this arrives in one piece. I thought that my use of mad podge was solving my glue problem. Please always tell me if your oeuvre does not arrive intact! I will send you another.

My classmate gets this one. I think she will like the fortune. I am including the message side so that you can see the letter stickers that I am using thanks to Lindsay’s inspiration.

I tried a process snagged from Mim in which I glued random scraps of paper onto a large piece of water color paper, let it dry, turned it over, and cut it into postcards without being able to see and influence the design. Sewing with Meg made me laugh. I hope it will make its recipient laugh as well.

I applied for a scholarship and always like to send thank you notes to my recommenders. PB got the following Stella Mars card. I know that she will appreciate the Butler reference.

And, these last two gel medium transfers are finally finding homes. I made them over the summer.



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Happy New Year!

I hope you had wonderful transition to the New Year. We were considering going to see a local DJ who is moving to Germany. But, it was so cold outside that we stayed indoors and watched the film “Please Give” instead. If you haven’t seen it, I thought that it was funny. It is very much about how disconnected people can feel in their lives and how we try to find connection and purpose. Plus, I can get a little worked up about what I consider false acts of charity and humanitarian consumption which this film is poking fun at.

I thought that in celebration of the new year, I would share some spirals. I like spirals because they remind me that not everything proceeds in a straight chronological line. Spirals also get me thinking about the concept of recursivity; which in the way I like to think about it, involves stepping back and incorporating already defined information into the creation of  a new description. It’s like when you make a series of cursive l’s and you find yourself looping backwards to finish each one before you move forward.

Enough babbling. Here are my spirals:

Enjoy spirals,

mad madge

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I thought that I would share some of the first batch of cards/mail art.

I sent this last card to Bernadette who hosts Readymade Radio on our local community radio station. On December 23rd, she hosted “X-mas songs for people who aren’t into it.” I loved it! She ranted about why we buy gifts for people when the gifts end up in landfills and played The Dead Kennedy’s “Holiday in Cambodia” to exemplify her angst.

I felt that Bernadette deserved a card made out of recycled holiday paper. And, I made an envelope for it. I’m not as into making envelopes as I am into making cards. There is so much space to cover and after making the cards, I just want to stick them into envelopes and mail them. But in the spirit of those mail artists who get into envelopes, I thought I’d try. I like this one.

How are you reusing your holiday waste?


mad madge

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holiday making

I finally decided to take a few days off from paper writing and immediately became ensconced in making. It’s about time! The trend started with a quick trip to the local craft store where I came out with my very own paper cutter that was 40% off and some mod podge glue especially made for paper. I like it. As some of you know, I have struggled with finding the right glue. I love glue sticks, but often need some sort of sealant for long postal voyages. This glue is less thick than regular mod podge. Nice. I am also loving my new paper cutter. How did I ever live without it?

I generally spend the holidays complaining about consumerism that I myself participated in with the above purchase. I find it hard to understand why we buy wrapping paper and cards only to throw them away the day after Christmas. This year I figured out what to do with all the detritus of Christmas’ past. Postcards!

There are scraps of shiny paper scattered on the floor all around the house.

Here are some of the cards that I made. I think that I am going to call them New Year’s cards since that is when they will start reaching their destinations. I will post scan details after they get mailed off. Oh, it is so much fun to be obsessive again even if only for a few days. There is something about shifting to these playful visual puzzles after months of verbal seriousness that is so balancing for me.

Happy New Year, Holidays, or whatever you celebrate!


mad madge

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