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Spring is here!

This means that I’m a bit distracted with weeding and enjoying the sun. Weeding, what fun. I’ve been also taking a class offered by Jane Davies, entitled Text and Image. I may share some more images from my class at a future date. At this point, I am rather behind. And yes, I owe many a large load of mail art. So that you know, it doesn’t leave my “Need to return mail” pile until I send something back; even if it takes a year or more.

Here are just a few of the many gifts that I have received in my mailbox:

From Fi Webster;

and Angie;

Ingrid, a new mail art friend:

Tallie, a fellow Washington State-onian.

Cernjul Viviana from Argentina;

Do more of what makes you happy: MAIL ART.

Why does “do more of what makes you happy” seem so strange a concept? I am struggling with that combo right now: work that I am so, so about, clients and coworkers that I care deeply about. I would rather make art over anything right now.

I have also been corresponding with Vikki. I really like her style.

Jill has sent me some beauties as well. I really love the colors in this.

This is just a small sampling of some of the creativity that I have received recently. I’ll try to post more at a later date. I just have not been a great blogger lately.

Enjoy the weather,


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I am writing this post as my black cat Maya lies on her back in front of me, between me and the laptop purring loudly and looking oh so cute.

Late last year, I joined an International Union of Mail Art mail sharing of New Year’s cats that Angie organized. I shared what I sent off here. My cats have been trickling in from all over and I decided that it was about time that I shared.

from angie

from vizma, i heart the human this cat represents and am saddened by her absence.

Something from Katerina Nikoltsou! I have admired her work for so long!

an ongoing cat adventure from fleur

a photo of frankie from iheartmailart

the big eared one from nadine

a green bug floating above from the Dak.

and an additional cuddly kiddo from Lois.

I don’t think that I have sent anything to her. I will add her to the ongoing “return mail” pile that I never seem to make it through, despite how much I try…

Be well, and be sure to cuddle with your loved ones.



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a personal pep talk

This is a card I received from Stewart Charlebois. I like the forward thinking look the young girl has. Full of hope and potential for the new year and years to come.

Hope and potential are feelings that I have been struggling with this month. As some may know, until last May I was in a Ph.D. program. Well, officially I’m still in it; but I am not sure I am going back. While I was doing fine academically, funding was a nightmare with our state’s current budget crisis. I became very deflated and depressed when I couldn’t find funding despite my skills and experience and decided to take time off to think through my path.

This is a card that I received from Helen Amyes. I think it represents my feelings of deflation pretty well.

One of the options that opened up was to get the credentials to teach ESL. I am trilingual and have spent a good deal of my life abroad or working with people from other countries. It is a world that I am comfortable in. I met with a wonderfully warm professor who encouraged me to apply to the program.

And now the application is due in a week and I have been working on the essays for a month, at a snail’s pace. There have been moments where I wonder if I really want to go through with it. I am realizing that much of this may be fear of once again finding myself putting my heart and soul into a dream only to find that my path is blocked. I don’t know if I have the energy to go through this all the time. I would rather collage, journal, and make mail art.

But, I have to at least try, right? Put myself out there, get this application done, and then go back to my visual creating.

Here I go. Next time I post, I will have the whole application done and handed in. Wish me luck!

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Look at what was in my mail box the other day.

Kris Naylor did it again. Last year she gave me little tea bag wrappers taped together to form an envelope sized rectangle, each with a little painting inside. You can see it here.

Now I need an explosion of creativity to get me to sit down and write two essays that I need to get done for something that I am applying for. They aren’t hard essays; but for some reason, I am dragging my feet.

Oh those dreaded “shoulds!”

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I hope you are having a wonderful winter season of celebration no matter what holiday you celebrate. The above creation is from Pretty Lily. I love it.

At our house, we have a small cardboard tree that we hang on the wall with lights. You can see a picture of it here. We went to my partner’s parents’ house last night and so today we opened a few presents underneath our tree, made a yummy breakfast and now we will putter around the house in our pajamas for the rest of the day. I will probably make a few things now that my studio/office is clean after a three-day long cleaning!

Here are a few things that I have made recently that are representative of the holiday season in one way or another:

The last two are my first two rolodex creations. The orange one is for a November swap and the second for December. I love them! The fencing is from ephemera that angie sent me and the heart in the second is from a collage ephemera swap that I did with helen amyes last year.

Off to make a bit more now…

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Happy Holidays! Two weeks ago, approximately 50 of us went to our downtown mall and sang political carols. I don’t think the security guards knew what to make of us. We were singing Christmas carols, after all. And, children were present and we are basically a peaceful bunch. So we sangĀ  a few songs and went on our merry way. It was a blast.

I sent Angie a package with two of the songs on the side below. If you can enlarge the photo, you too can sing fun carols. To give credit where it is due, the songs were created by staff at Washington Community Action Network and were originally sung during the Special Session at Washington State’s capitol in Olympia, WA earlier this month.

Things are pretty dire in my state. As a caseworker in Fair Housing, I get calls all the time from people that are desperate for rental assistance, affordable housing, something. And the resources are dwindling if not nonexistent, and there are 4 to 5 month waiting lists for everything that still is available. I no longer take my lack of funding for graduate school personally. I realize that the problem is much greater.

To cope, I sing my carols, go to occasional marches, and make mail art.

These are my last two “Occupy or Future” cards.

My friend and fellow rabblerouser that I mentioned in this post received the above card.

And I sent Tallie, a fellow Washingtonian, the one above.

She had sent me this card and had made reference to “Occupy”:

And, the last of the swap-bot swap have arrived. It was fun giving people a space to vent through the mail:

Not through swap-bot, but through i am superhero’s e-mail lists, I also received a collection of ATC’s from KDJ that I was encouraged to leave “lying around so that people know what is going on.” They are focused on Officer John Pike, who pepper sprayed UC Davis students who were involved in a peaceful Occupy protest and who were already on their knees and handcuffed. You can find the Wikepedia summary here.













Phew. I’ve been stalling on this post. I have been working on so many other cards to send, plus I’ve been getting into journaling and rolodex cards. So much to post…

Be well this holiday season and know that I wish you peace,


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I have confirmation that the two people that I sent “Occupy our Future” cards to through my swap-bot swap have received their cards.

This means that I can share what I sent and one of the cards that I received. I still have two possible cards to receive and two extras to send in case someone doesn’t receive their allotted two. In the swap-bot world they call it “angeling.” These I will share at a later date.

Inspired by my chalkboard cloud that I used at an “Occupy Spokane” march, I made more clouds for:


and Angie. I may have gotten a little carried away with homemade ink spritzer on this last one.

Angie was not one of my partners, but she sent me this. Isn’t it nice? I love the die cut houses. It gives me ideas for when I add houses to something again.

I like the message on the back too. :)

Have a wonderful weekend. And if you participate in the holiday buying frenzy, please consider buying local. The money stays in your community, which most communities need at this point.



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