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These past few days, I was able to visit one of my favorite cities in the world, a city in which I spent nearly 8 years of my life: New Orleans. It was a quick trip but what a gift to be able to go back and visit. I haven’t been since before Katrina.

These photos are of some of the images that I have clung to in my memory and was so happy to see. I missed you New Orleans!

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I have always loved collecting things on my walks, especially organic matter. Seeing that such finds are so special to me, I’ve been wanting to incorporate them onto my postcards. So far, I’ve had very good luck and they have gone through the mail in one piece. I do my best to use a good enough amount of glue and sometimes incorporate sewing or small plastic bags. Unfortunately, they are not that easy to scan because of their three-dimensionality, but that is something that I am willing to accept in order to send amazing organic mail art.













I sent this last one to a friend of mine, sc, after we took a short hike together. I actually put the labels and stamps on the ziploc bag and everything arrived. I have so much respect for and gratitude towards the postal service.

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