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After awhile it comes down to a question
of life choices not a choice between you/or her
this sea town/or that bruising city
but about putting one foot in front of the other
and ending up somewhere
that looks like home.
-Cherrie Moraga

This is one of my favorite quotes. It helps me understand why, after all of my wandering, I’ve finally begun creating some roots.

Why do I live in such a cold climate? Obviously, I feel much more connected to extremely warm ones. A trip to Vashon Island and kayaking around seals was part of the decision; amongst others, including the knowledge that a friend that I care deeply for only lives five hours away, not to mention the fact that I have finally found a place where people wear the same shoes as me.

I found my balance. I live in the progressive state of Washington, in a small poor district that votes for Democrats, in a part of the state that predominately votes Republican. After my time in places like Texas, go figure!

Enough with politics. This is the real reason. Who could not bow down to the omnipresence of such sights as this?

I never saw such peaks until my late thirties. The ones in these photos are not even that impressive. I don’t have any high quality hiking gear and cannot withstand long hikes. And so, these are not REI catalog quality photos. And yet, look. This is what is within a drive if not closer. For me, who has grown up around sunshine, beaches, heat, and large expanses of water, I am impressed.

May nature always guide us,


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Happy Holidays! Two weeks ago, approximately 50 of us went to our downtown mall and sang political carols. I don’t think the security guards knew what to make of us. We were singing Christmas carols, after all. And, children were present and we are basically a peaceful bunch. So we sangĀ  a few songs and went on our merry way. It was a blast.

I sent Angie a package with two of the songs on the side below. If you can enlarge the photo, you too can sing fun carols. To give credit where it is due, the songs were created by staff at Washington Community Action Network and were originally sung during the Special Session at Washington State’s capitol in Olympia, WA earlier this month.

Things are pretty dire in my state. As a caseworker in Fair Housing, I get calls all the time from people that are desperate for rental assistance, affordable housing, something. And the resources are dwindling if not nonexistent, and there are 4 to 5 month waiting lists for everything that still is available. I no longer take my lack of funding for graduate school personally. I realize that the problem is much greater.

To cope, I sing my carols, go to occasional marches, and make mail art.

These are my last two “Occupy or Future” cards.

My friend and fellow rabblerouser that I mentioned in this post received the above card.

And I sent Tallie, a fellow Washingtonian, the one above.

She had sent me this card and had made reference to “Occupy”:

And, the last of the swap-bot swap have arrived. It was fun giving people a space to vent through the mail:

Not through swap-bot, but through i am superhero’s e-mail lists, I also received a collection of ATC’s from KDJ that I was encouraged to leave “lying around so that people know what is going on.” They are focused on Officer John Pike, who pepper sprayed UC Davis students who were involved in a peaceful Occupy protest and who were already on their knees and handcuffed. You can find the Wikepedia summary here.













Phew. I’ve been stalling on this post. I have been working on so many other cards to send, plus I’ve been getting into journaling and rolodex cards. So much to post…

Be well this holiday season and know that I wish you peace,


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I joined a swap where I had to make the whole collage out of magazines. It was a nice challenge. I kept on wanting to add paint or stitches. This is what I came up with:

Next time, I will try to make the contrast between the background and tree silhouette a little stronger; but I really like it. I may have to make some of these as holiday presents! The “stitching” is my favorite.

Then, I was inspired by this packing tape technique that pretty lily was using. I made a whole bunch because they are fast and fun. They are slowly finding homes. I sent the following one to pretty lily, since she was my inspiration.

And I sent this minimal one to Jon Foster since I hear that he was the IUOMA member who “discovered” the technique.

Ah, so many more many more magazine pages to put packing tape on and then quickly lift to see what randomness stays on the tape!

This last photo is just because I bought a new coat when I was out looking for rolodex containers. I just love the gold and the color combos that it encourages me to make. I’m holding our local clock tower in my hand no less.

And before departing, I want to send positive energy to my fellow Washingtonians that are at our state capitol protesting the budget cut proposals which are nothing less than drastic and inhumane.

Have a good week,


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I have confirmation that the two people that I sent “Occupy our Future” cards to through my swap-bot swap have received their cards.

This means that I can share what I sent and one of the cards that I received. I still have two possible cards to receive and two extras to send in case someone doesn’t receive their allotted two. In the swap-bot world they call it “angeling.” These I will share at a later date.

Inspired by my chalkboard cloud that I used at an “Occupy Spokane” march, I made more clouds for:


and Angie. I may have gotten a little carried away with homemade ink spritzer on this last one.

Angie was not one of my partners, but she sent me this. Isn’t it nice? I love the die cut houses. It gives me ideas for when I add houses to something again.

I like the message on the back too. :)

Have a wonderful weekend. And if you participate in the holiday buying frenzy, please consider buying local. The money stays in your community, which most communities need at this point.



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what a fun day so far

I went to our Occupy Spokane march this week determined to Occupy our Future and to articulate some of my dreams instead of just reiterating that things are economically in the pits for 99% of the population.

I went as a Marge Simpson inspired teacher. A coworker lent me the hair which I decorated with dream clouds of what I would like to see in education.

I marched with a fellow rabble rouser who dressed as a college graduate with no debt and a job and at some point when I was signing a song into the megaphone (I cannot sing by the way), someone slipped $5 into my bag. Afterwards, I went to find the person and realized that it was a man who appeared to perhaps be homeless who had given the money to me. He would not take the money back and so instead we ended up marching together. We had a blast. Randy held my sign and when I explained to him what the march was about, he waved the sign into every bank window that we passed by. I think he made a few of the protestors (about 1% of the 99 :) ) uncomfortable. As my friend said, “99% is a diverse group.”

A client of mine that I happened to run into, took this picture of us.

I did give Randy the $5 back, by the way. We replaced it with a $1 bill that he insisted that I take and frame.

Off to our LGBTQ Youth Center Masquerade fundraiser now.

Yippee to Occupying our Future!!!!

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Sometimes visuals help.

Check out how much wealth is accumulating in the pockets of a small few.

And here in Washington State Governor Gregoire proposes drastic $2 billion cuts that will eliminate many social services.

This is not just a TV show, this is reality. I hear it nearly every day from people calling at work.

It is time we wake up. Go to your local Occupy protest and participate, call you legislators, write letters to the editor, yell, scream!



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I started a new swap-bot swap: Occupy our Future.

Here is the description:

Most of us have heard about the Occupy Wall Street movement at this point.

There are critiques that the movement has not identified demands. Here is a chance to create your own dreams and hence demands.

What future would you like to see for the United States of America? What could we do with the money that Wall Street, other corporate executives, and elites are hoarding for themselves?

You will have two partners. I ask you to make each a handmade reflection to these questions. This is an international swap. The focus is on U.S. politics and its influence on international politics, which is why the entire planet has an opinion.

Please remember the handmade, reflective element. No rants without handmade, reflective elements.

If you send me a photo of what you receive or swap, I will do my best to post it to my blog http://www.canimailthis.wordpress.com.

I will also angel those that do not receive anything from their partner. This has not been a problem in the past.

I would love folks that don’t usually participate in swap-bot to consider participating.

As a handmade sign at the Occupy Spokane demonstration basically stated a week ago:

Art will make the difference.

*** Edited 10/25/2011***

I wrote this post last night, and by morning my swap had been cancelled. I guess that it was too political. I will not protest but I still want to do it. Anyone interested in doing an exchange? If so, let me know. I haven’t figured out how to organize it. I am open to ideas.

More to follow…

*** Edited 10/29/11 ***

Apparently the swap is still on. Not sure why. I thought that Swap-bot had cancelled it. You can learn more about it here.


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