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I started a new swap-bot swap: Occupy our Future.

Here is the description:

Most of us have heard about the Occupy Wall Street movement at this point.

There are critiques that the movement has not identified demands. Here is a chance to create your own dreams and hence demands.

What future would you like to see for the United States of America? What could we do with the money that Wall Street, other corporate executives, and elites are hoarding for themselves?

You will have two partners. I ask you to make each a handmade reflection to these questions. This is an international swap. The focus is on U.S. politics and its influence on international politics, which is why the entire planet has an opinion.

Please remember the handmade, reflective element. No rants without handmade, reflective elements.

If you send me a photo of what you receive or swap, I will do my best to post it to my blog http://www.canimailthis.wordpress.com.

I will also angel those that do not receive anything from their partner. This has not been a problem in the past.

I would love folks that don’t usually participate in swap-bot to consider participating.

As a handmade sign at the Occupy Spokane demonstration basically stated a week ago:

Art will make the difference.

*** Edited 10/25/2011***

I wrote this post last night, and by morning my swap had been cancelled. I guess that it was too political. I will not protest but I still want to do it. Anyone interested in doing an exchange? If so, let me know. I haven’t figured out how to organize it. I am open to ideas.

More to follow…

*** Edited 10/29/11 ***

Apparently the swap is still on. Not sure why. I thought that Swap-bot had cancelled it. You can learn more about it here.


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Continuing on with the bicycle theme, I have created my first swap on swap-bot. Hope you will join and create awesome postcards/mail art about what bicycles mean to you. You can find my swap here.

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I’m not sure if I am approaching the finish line or if the finish line is approaching me, but I have two twenty page papers due Monday. One is just about finished. The other is where I need to spend my efforts this weekend. I’m dragging my feet a bit because I am beat, but I’ll find the energy and get it done.

I will catch up with mail and posts after Monday sometime. In the mean time, I noticed this really cool fundraising idea for the Portland Zine Symposium. Go to this link and buy a blank postcard for five dollars, make art on it, and send it back to them for a display at the Symposium in August. Sounds fun, non? I am going to send something for sure.


mad madge

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I really thought that I was going to stay away from posting tonight or if I couldn’t resist, post more of my friends most magnificent mail art. Instead, I wandered over to tiny red and discovered DIY collage kits by Anthony Zinonos.

What an awesome idea. I would like to do this as an exchange with friends and mail art afficionados. One of my friends went to Buenos Aires last year and sent me receipts, an Eva Peron museum booklet and a map with the Borges museum marked on it (she also sent me a book by Alejandra Pizarnik) what a special treat! I used the treasures in some of the houses that I shared in an earlier post.

I think that I am going to do my first postal call. If you send me some treasures, I will send you some back!


mad madge

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