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rolo mosaic

These are my most recent rolos. I took a ziploc bag of scraps with me when we went on our short vacation. I like limiting what I have to use. Since we have returned, I have been trying to keep with using a small bag of scraps. I sit outside collaging until it gets dark and have to fight the desire to go inside and search for yet another perfect piece of paper. Sometimes I am more successful than at other times. All of these are my versions of the ongoing Index Card a Day Challenge (ICAD).

Recent Rolos

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Hello, I have been doing my own version of Daisy Yellow’s Index Card a Day and doing a rolodex collage as often as I feel the whim.

I have been using my scraps so far and have been enjoying the small space to work on. I am open to exchanging rolos with someone. So if interested, let me know.

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I hope you are having a wonderful winter season of celebration no matter what holiday you celebrate. The above creation is from Pretty Lily. I love it.

At our house, we have a small cardboard tree that we hang on the wall with lights. You can see a picture of it here. We went to my partner’s parents’ house last night and so today we opened a few presents underneath our tree, made a yummy breakfast and now we will putter around the house in our pajamas for the rest of the day. I will probably make a few things now that my studio/office is clean after a three-day long cleaning!

Here are a few things that I have made recently that are representative of the holiday season in one way or another:

The last two are my first two rolodex creations. The orange one is for a November swap and the second for December. I love them! The fencing is from ephemera that angie sent me and the heart in the second is from a collage ephemera swap that I did with helen amyes last year.

Off to make a bit more now…

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