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I bought an iphone last week. I had gotten to the point where my dinosaur of a phone often did not have a signal and where it was taking me forever to tap out a simple text. Plus, I wanted to play with photo apps. As you will see below, I have been having a lot of fun experimenting with them.

Here’s my messy art desk transformed by the tiny planet and pixlromatic apps:

I used pixlromatic and duomatic apps for these:

These photos are bittersweet for me. I ended up cleaning my art desk up today, putting my sewing machine underneath the desk, putting my collage items back in drawers, and my paints away on a shelf as I prep for getting the credentials to teach ESL and for teaching Composition 101. The materials would be too much of a distraction if left out.

So, I will be slowing down on mail art at least while school is in session. I made a pile of pieces that I will send out slowly until December. I am going to try to concentrate on my classes, teaching, and a bit of iphoneography. It is hard but necessary because when I collage that is all that I do.


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I am nearly always behind in my postings. What I worked on tonight has nothing to do with this post. What I am currently working on is drying, needing stitchery, etc…

This batch are some of my first art journal entries. I am so so about journaling. It is scary and tiring pushing your inner critic aside. I was thinking that if I could keep the process up, journals would be a great place to experiment. And since I am me, I must commit myself to exercises that will supposedly help me understand the craft.

I chose Juliana Coles’ “Extreme Journalism” as my introduction, in part because sparkleface references her and I have a huge flickr favorite crush on sparkleface.

I feel that it is important that I share my blach creations along with my favorites. Hopefully, it will help others tell their inner critic to leave them be. I know that my failures help me with the next step in my creative process and there are moments when I see my shit pieces influence future amazingness. That’s how it goes.

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I thought I’d share how my postcards evolve within a two week period.

It’s nice out, and so I load up a bunch of supplies one Saturday and head out to the backyard where I start cutting up photos from garden magazines and the like and mixing them with tissue paper.


Somewhere along the way, I bought a lace curtain at a thrift store and began cutting it up:

A Gee’s Bend quilt by Annie Mae Young was also a loose influence on the last four.

After receiving a Gee’s Bend postage stamp from Jill French which I added to postcard/collage #3 in this grouping, I was so inspired that I also bought a book of postcards. I love the simplicity of the Gee’s Bend quilts. I might explore their designs more through my collages.

OK. I’m off to fiddle some more with paint, postage stamps, lace and collage!



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I had written that I would share some of my creations from my Text and Image class. I still have two lessons to do. I was having a hard time keeping up with the lessons. It was just too nice outside and I got more weeding done than I have ever gotten done before. Anyway, these are what I came up with:

I’m not in love with any of them. I often had this weird feeling in my chest when I was working on them. I enjoyed the class, but found that the instructor, Jane Davies, and I disagreed on which were my strongest pieces. Despite this, I may decide to take her color class in a couple of weeks. I’ll think about it.

That’s it for now.

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I’m a bit behind in returning mail. Big surprise. Life often supersedes postcard making. Well, postcard sending at least. I still make as often as I can. It centers me after a day of crisis calls at work.

Right now, I am taking an online class with Jane Davies on text and image in collage. It’s been fun to have the structure of the exercises to follow and to get me out of my comfort zone. I’ve also been trying to play with paint more; as paint is something that I have never been comfortable with.

Here are some of my experiments:

Obviously, I’m still thinking about my trip back to New Orleans that I referenced in the harmony and inspiration from one of my favorite cities in the world posts. I really love that place.

Here are some that I made before the class began, but that I really love. I just sent them off to two of my cousins. I hope they like them!

And in case you are wondering, those hanging things are banana blossoms. They bring back so many memories from New Orleans, Guatemala, South Texas,… I used to make paper out of banana tree bark. Ah nostalgia, now that I am in the cold yet geologically and ecologically awe inspiring Inland and Pacific Northwest!



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These are a few that I have made and sent out recently.

What’s new in my life? I started a flickr page. You can link to it here.

Experimenting with painting, collaging, and layering. Also found an old fashion magazine that I am cutting up and reusing.

I bought a few used books with a gift certificate that I was given:

I have gleaned techniques and ideas from all three, but Collage Journeys is especially chock full of useful experiments and techniques.

May your days be full of sunshine, either real or imagined.


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Thanks to swap-bot, I tried collaging a few file folder envelopes. The swap asked for one, and I made four. I still have one to send from that batch. So, here are three of them.

To Lorena

To Alice Rabbit

To Elyse

Like everything else that I make, they are experiments. It was nice to have so much room to play on. My postcards are generally smaller. I still feel like I am developing my style. I’ve started art journaling so that I can experiment more and not worry about making something really ugly.

Working on my next batch of file folders now. The swap is to make file folder envelopes where all of the images come from one book. Of course, I have already made two and who knows how many more I will make before I am done.

My application is in by the way.

hasta pronto,


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