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Curt, my mail carrier, wrote me back! (see previous post). Now its my turn… This is so much more fun than the paper that I am writing :) I think that I came up with a new saying for a rubber stamp: My Mail Carrier ROCKS!

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When is the last time you told your mail carrier how much you appreciated hir, her, or him? Well, I need to do so more than I do. I went to mail a package to Helen Amyes at the post office today and the clerk told me that my mail carrier had added 40 cents in postage of his own money to my postcards the day before. “Again?” I asked. I really had thought I’d put enough postage on them, but I guess that I hadn’t. Curt, my mail carrier, has done this a number of times for me. In the past, I have made him cards but this time I bought him a Starbuck’s gift card. I need to make sure that I show my appreciation to him regularly. Who knows how many other cards he has added postage to?

I am sharing this because our mail carriers deliver our mail year round and we don’t always even notice them. Please do something special for yours this new year.

May you have a mail artful new year if I don’t write before then,

mad madge

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