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Hi Everyone,

I am slowly returning to the world beyond books. I am still taking a class this summer and am starting a new job on Tuesday, but I will slowly make time for mail art again. Yippee!

The following is one of my projects from the semester, “Collaging Discourse.” I’d love your thoughts on it. I think it still needs work. Next, I want to make a mini accordion zine of the collages with text.

Hope to be posting and sending more soon…


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I’m not sure if I am approaching the finish line or if the finish line is approaching me, but I have two twenty page papers due Monday. One is just about finished. The other is where I need to spend my efforts this weekend. I’m dragging my feet a bit because I am beat, but I’ll find the energy and get it done.

I will catch up with mail and posts after Monday sometime. In the mean time, I noticed this really cool fundraising idea for the Portland Zine Symposium. Go to this link and buy a blank postcard for five dollars, make art on it, and send it back to them for a display at the Symposium in August. Sounds fun, non? I am going to send something for sure.


mad madge

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One of my favorite clicks is WAFA (We Are Fucking Awesome) Global Artist Collective. They redesigned their website and I realized that my side link to their postcards wasn’t working anymore. It should be working now.

I am working on another collage zine for a class of mine, actually. A visual interpretation of Michel Foucault’s “History of Sexuality Vol. 1.” It may sound esoteric but the idea is that I try to make some of Foucault’s ideas accessible to non-academics. I’ll post the final result on this blog, of course.

I thought I’d share some of the postcards from the WAFA site that I most liked and that are inspiring me. I am by no means as talented, but I am having fun. See more of their postcards here. And check out their new zine WAFA Zine 03.

I have been peeking at Lindsay’s work a lot as well. Lindsay is a mail artist whose blog is GOOD VIBEZ. Some of my favorite work by her is here.

Back to my paper strewn desk!


mad madge

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my epistemological stance

hello! yes i have two important papers to write and many other small assignments to get done by december 13 but it is thanksgiving and we do have exceedingly cold temperatures and snow outside. my head needed a change in functioning from the esoteric and verbal to the visual, manual, and still slightly esoteric. i made a zine!

i don’t know if i should call it a zine since i’ve only made one copy so far that i will hand in as my position paper in my epistemology class. but if popular demand insists, i could make more over break. making the first is always the hardest because you have to get all the measurements right. subsequent copies aren’t easy but can rely a bit on that initial precedent.

it is another accordion zine. i like those. this one is super long. fifteen pages and two additional elongated ones.

and here are three of my favorite pages…

i had a blast with this. now i really need to settle down and write two papers for the rest of the week. Wish me luck.

one final image. perhaps this is what my brain feels like right now.

enjoy the weekend and be mindful and thankful for all of the wonder that you have  experienced,

mad madge

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Yes, I’m alive. Just busy. I made a few postcards over a month ago and haven’t mailed any of them out. Now that it is paper crunch time, I am foreseeing that at least some mail correspondence will happen in late December, but no earlier.

My mailbox has also been pretty empty. I did receive this letter from Jane B. which contained one of her zines, “Stab Heart.” THANK YOU!!! I had seen an earlier edition at our town’s new zine library and sent her a card telling her so.

You will probably not hear from me for another month now. Have papers to write and such.

Take care and peace,

mad madge

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I have a week before I start my grad assistantship. Two weeks before I start school. Could it be a longer wait? Probably not.

I don’t know whether or not I have expressed my nervousness, but I it is ever present. I am in my early 40’s. I won’t finish this next chapter of my life until I am well through them. Many friends/schoolmates/colleagues of mine are already tenured. What the hell am I doing?

In the mean time, I wanted to share my first mini-zine that I made for a swap-bot swap, “A Collage of ‘Fortunes’ ” based on fortune cookie “fortunes.”

I made six copies of this zine, all of which had ties made from blue thread that I bought when I was in Guatemala ten years ago. I had meant to crochet with it. The way that I made the covers and the ties is based on a book that I created at a workshop that my friend Monica Camero of San Antonio, Texas offered over ten years ago. The zines open up into accordion books.

The first page:

I did just what this next fortune suggests the following day!

Each zine was mailed in an envelope that I created out of stapled bubble wrap. Thanks to Charlie at the 99205 Spokane post office for helping me determine the postage and hand stamping them so that they would arrive intact!

I loved making this zine and can see myself making many more. Perhaps based on my school readings. Foucault for instance. Would Foucault’s writing make any more sense if interpreted through collages? I think so. His writing is very visual to me, but that is another topic.

Goodbye for now. The next post will probably be about all of the new mail I have received if not my altered photo experiments.

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