mostly yellow

Continuing on with my Collage Workbook exercises, I started collaging with mostly yellow.

I thought about adding stitching to these but just couldn’t get myself to. They must be fine like this unless I had some stitching later.

This last one was a b and w leading to mostly yellow. Helen Amyes gave me the tree in a swap.

I really love just playing with scraps. It’s like a jigsaw puzzle.

white and black

I haven’t been very good at keeping this blog up. I’ve been busy with summer, a little travel as well. I have a few creative projects that I have been working on one of which is to do the activities in The Collage Workbook by Randel Plowman. Folks may know him through his A Collage a Day blog. Thought I’d share some of my experiments.

For these, I focused on using various shades of white only:

Using only black and white, trying to get a range of values:

That arch, by the way, is from of a photo that I took of the front entrance arch at the American University of Beirut. I’m a bit into it. In part, because I grew up in Lebanon; but I also just like arches. A lot of the rest of the black and white images came from a swap-bot swap with Courtney Bouchie. I probably will send her one of these as a thank you.

Next I did a few black and whites but added a tad bit of color. Thanks to a coworker for the awesome black and white plastic Marimekko bag that I cut up. See those black and white curves?

That is a good amount of sharing for today. Thank you to all of you who pay attention to this blog.



whimsy and wonder

I have a plastic chandelier that I bought at IKEA a few years ago. I love it. So much so, that I saved the instruction manual that came with it and every once and a while return to the scanned image I made of it. I can’t say exactly why I love the chandelier image so. I am by no means the type of person who has or wants lots of luxuries. But while my little plastic chandelier may not be considered a luxury to most, it is for me.

Many of these have reached their destinations or are on their way, others have not been sent yet or will be mailed right back to me (I love postmarks.)

While I was making them the words “whimsy” and “wonder” kept on popping up in my mind.

What symbol pops into your mind when you hear those two words?



I love this busy series. These are a sampling. I upload all onto my flickr page. I’ve been loving going to the thrift store down the street and picking up lace curtains and such. I am still experimenting with all of lace’s potential. Not to mention my continued love for the sewing machine despite my still limited stitch vocabulary. And that deep blue that embeds itself into my psyche.

Create your own beauty (by your own terms).


rolo mosaic

These are my most recent rolos. I took a ziploc bag of scraps with me when we went on our short vacation. I like limiting what I have to use. Since we have returned, I have been trying to keep with using a small bag of scraps. I sit outside collaging until it gets dark and have to fight the desire to go inside and search for yet another perfect piece of paper. Sometimes I am more successful than at other times. All of these are my versions of the ongoing Index Card a Day Challenge (ICAD).

Recent Rolos

visual surprises

I have been neglecting this blog. The truth be known, I started a Flickr account a few months ago and I like the instant visual stimulation and the flow of comments that I give and receive. If you want to see my Flickr photos, they are here. I will warn you though that often pictures make it onto my Flickr account much faster than on this blog. But, I still want to keep this blog up because it gives me a chance to write and reflect which I can’t really do on Flickr.

E and I went to to Lopez Island on the Washington coast this past weekend. It was so nice to get away and I just love the rugged coast. No smooth sandy beaches here! I took lots of photos and made rolos out of a bag of scraps that I brought with me. I’ll share the rolos in a future post. Today, I want to share some of the images that caught my eye:


There was something so eerie about this oil refinery and ship delivering oil in the fog.

One of the things I love about beaches here is that you often see driftwood shelters like this one along the beach perhaps to provide temporary respite from the wind.

You also sometimes see what I call “Detritus Castles” as opposed to “Sand Castles.” I love running across these pieces of ephemeral human creativity on the beach. They are special little surprises.

This small arrangement left on a piece of driftwood is in a category all of its own.

May we all be open to visual surprises…

rolos a day

Hello, I have been doing my own version of Daisy Yellow’s Index Card a Day and doing a rolodex collage as often as I feel the whim.

I have been using my scraps so far and have been enjoying the small space to work on. I am open to exchanging rolos with someone. So if interested, let me know.